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Sunrise on Long Beach

Shauna smiling at dusk

Fire Party

Fire Party 2

Shauna at dinner

Self Portrait


Lizard in our front yard

View from our kayak

Long Beach

Nick is still a cheeseball !!

Kayak photo shoot

sexy lady...

More kayak photo shoot

Nick rowing

Monkey and cat outside our chalet

This frog was eating our chips!!!

Doin laundry

side view



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Kayak video 1

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Kayak vid 2

So we decided to run from the rains in Southern Thailand towards the East coast of Malaysia.

After a long bus ride we stayed in Hat Yai again for a night and then boarded a local train for the border of Thailand and Malaysia. The seats were bare wood so our asses where completely asleep by the time we arrived after the 5 hour journey (it was only 1 US dollar so no real complaints). I still enjoyed it better than a bus ride.

After crossing the border we made it to Kota Bharu and found a taxi to drive us to the jetty for the Perhentian Islands. We had to stay the night so we could awake early in the AM to make the boat. Our driver was great fun and was bragging about how he had drove Stephen King a couple years ago and had received a large tip from him.

The speed boat was one of the most bone jarring experiences of our lives, the captain had a huge smirk every time he sailed over a 6 foot swell and the bow of the boat would slam into the water making everyone involuntarily let out a loud grunt.

We arrived on Long Beach at around 8 AM to a sleepy community where the shops slowly open and the locals try to shake the hang over from the night before. We were getting a bit worried when Shauna was searching for rooms because most of them where booked up or way over our price range which was $7, LOL we are big spenders. Finally she scored us a decent Chalet Right near da beach mon.

The weather was blistering hot and the water was cool and crystal clear, it was exactly what we were hoping for. We spent most days floating in the water and soaking up the sun, also doing some kayaking around the islands. In the evenings we would go to the Panorama restaurant because they showed movies on a big screen every night.

The nights the World Cup was on everyone would stay up late to watch, sometimes they didn't start till 3 am, Shauna watched those without me. I'm just not a big footie fan like her I guess. One match that was exciting was England and Portugal. English people are by far the best to watch sporting events with, aside from maybe the Aussies, they are so passionate and excited to be watching. One minute a English guy is saying

"I F-ing love England" and the next minute he his punching his fist into a pole over a call from the ref, kicking out their star player Roonie.

Needless to say England lost after extra time that was followed by penalty kicks. It was a sad night indeed...

So aside from that we decided to take the snorkeling trip that is advertised everywhere on the beach. It was fabulous, we swam with huge Turtles, Sharks (the nice ones of course ) Sting Rays, and Electric Eels. Also, they let us feed the fish. Now I know what your thinking "woohoo feed the fish " but it wasn't like that. We would throw in a piece of bread and thousands of tiger fish swam up and finished it in a matter of seconds. After jumping in, the Captain decided that throwing the bread in our unsuspecting face would be good fun. It was amazing, it was like a cloud of thousands of fish right before your eyes chomping away. Shauna got a bit freaked out being in a swarm of fish, I even was holding the bread while they nibbled at my fingers and even tried to take snacks off my feet, luckily they had no teeth . :()

After a day of snorkeling we went to the fire show party on the beach so we could fill our time before another late night game. The Malaysian people are so great they are always smiling and having a great time. Dancing and trying to get everyone up to join them.

We ended up staying on the beach for 8 nights we only left because we ran out of money and they had no banks we left the island with only $3 Ringit left, which is about .75 cents... We will definatly be returning someday to the Perhentian Islands.

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