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My 'Easy Rider' for the day


Pehaps the tackiest Pagoda i've seen yet! Felt like disneyland or something!


Dalat's famous for it's beautiful hills and this is where most of...


Local flower farm


Packaging the flowers...with poor sick Gran in bed!



Coffee plantation

The coffee bean

After South America, Vietnam is the 2nd biggest exporter of coffee in...

Cute little village house

Oldest looking man I think i've ever seen!

Sarah giving the locals strawberry candy!

Fell in love with this little one...she's so photogenic!

...didn't I tell you!

Kids washing up in their backyard

Her brother doing more washing up!

Being foreigners this girl was so shocked to see us she burst...

I just want to take them all home with me!

Doubt the mum will like that though!

Silk being made. Stage 1. Letting the silkworm grow.

...until they start making a cocoon

Locals have trays of these just waiting to take them to the...

The factory store!

Taking them to start making the silk

God it was noisy in here...and hot!

The silk factory

Discarded silkworms once their silk cocoon has been used

Silk thread

The silk printer that makes the silk thread into material

Finished product

My easy rider having a joke with the staff at the waterfall

He made this boy cry!

Elephant waterfall...serious power here!

Sneaking a pic of this guy I think looks like Chandler from...

Kristiana & Sarah with our feast of a lunch

More stunning views

Roadside brick cutters!

Showing me how it's done properly!

Final stop...crazy house. Random and weird.

Only bit of the day that felt touristy!

Looks a bit like a tackier version of Gaudi's work I saw...

Looking pretty rough after a long day!

Me, Sarah and Kristina in some random cafe run by an old...

Saw so much of the 'real' Vietnam today I don't know where to begin! ...Sarah, Kristina and I all hired these Easy Riders - motorbike guides I guess...and they took us all over the place! I saw silk being made, coffee plantation, a flower farm, waterfalls, cute local village...just loads!

I tried breaking rocks today, you bang a hole into the middle of a rock and then put a stone in the whole and whack it as hard as you can with this sledgehammer affair...I was just pathetic at it, don't know how these poor guys do it for 8 hours a day, but they wouldn't stop laughing at our feable attempts! it was so heavy! Damn hard work I tell you!

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