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I told you it these raincoats!

Central post office - took me 30 mins to send a box...

Notre Dame

HSBC on the right!

HSBC staff on their lunch break!

Me in my cyclo! I sit there doing nothing whilst my guide...

Modern bits of the city...


Builders from the underground!


Bonsai garden with my cyclo driver

All made out of broken tea cups!

Riverside advertising

Motorbike mayhem!

Vietnam War Museum

Nixon visiting GI's in Vietnam, 1969







One of the more distressing pics I saw

The guillotine

Pagoda...with month long mosquito coils that hung from the ceiling!

Sanctuary at Clarins!

Indulging again...this time at a coffee shop with the best passion fruit...

Cutting layers into my hair I didn't want...grrrrrrrrrrr!

Looking much better after pampering myself a bit!

Dinner at my favourite local

Met a lovely Australian girl over breakfast back at my faourite café who gave me the biggest hug when we said goodbye! Nice way to start the day...

Hired a cyclo driver to see the sights, and it poured!!! It's a very modern city...5 star hotels, designer shops, even HSBC! My guide was just lovely, I took him back to my café and bought him lunch and he was so excited because he's never eaten there before...or had a beefburger! Gave me a real insight into life for a poor Vietnamese family, he gets up at 6am, cycles 90 minutes into the city centre, finds some tourist like me to pay him $10 for a day of peddling around the city and then starts his journey home at about 7pm! If he's earned money then his wife can buy meat for dinner, otherwise it's just vegetables. He has 3 kids age 7, 9 and 12 and they all work to support the family too. The police won't allow the locals to use the internet, and their newspapers only represent one side of the repressed it shocking.

Learnt that 'cheers' in Vietnamese is 'Yo!' - should be able to remember that one!

On our travels I saw Clarins (for the first time since Bangkok) so stocked up on a few bits and they gave me a free half hour facial that evening...thank you Clarins!!! Then, I thought I'd get my hair cut and what a different experience that was...they wash and massage your hair for maybe 30 minutes and there's none of those uncomfortable sinks, beds, oh yes! You can have manicures and pedicures at the same time, and when they take you back to the cutting chair they give you a quick back massage! A little guy comes over and chops my hair in about 20 minutes flat, which is a worryingly short amount of time, and then 2 of the girls come and blow dry and straighten my hair! All for $6! Quite happy whilst it's straight but the next day once I've washed it I see he's cut layers into the long locks I've spent the last year tyring to grow dammit!

Go back to the bar where I watched the footie and Hanh, the guy who had the 2 long fingernails was a bit full on...he had cut his nails off because I made faces at them the other night and kept asking why I didn't come to 'meet' him last night and practically begged me to stay another night, I was like...what?! These locals just love western girls!

Early night for me to get my 7am bus, but can't sleep AGAIN until about 5am, great. All the good of relaxing here undone.

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