Lady Di...on her state visit... travel blog

I'm going to be back to kit out my entire kitchen one...

This sweet little lady did her best to sell me everything in...

Saigon...pretty modern city...

...until you see old ladies that should be retired hard at work!

Love these vintage bicycles!

Local market

Lady who was too tired to try and sell me anything! A...

Locals tucking in at the local market

Beautiful...street food cooked in front of the rubbish bins!

Check out this lady covering her face...sometimes you walk around and see...

They love their corn out here

Local noodle bar and these were just the most animated kids!

Finally...I manage to sleep! Wake up after a beautiful 12 hours sleep at 1.30pm! Feeling absolutely drained still and quite run down and the beginning of a damn cold - probably because of lack of sleep and everything that's been going on back home, so decide to take it easy.

All I manage today is a pathetic 3 hours walking around and in 5 minutes I count 34 people asking 'moto miss?', a cool market, followed by treating myself to a very non-backpacker body scrub at the local spa...and this time not only were boobies scrubbed, but I was showered by the girl too, standing their in nothing but some rather attractive paper pants - with her hands all over me! I kept giggling and she kept laughing at me giggling! Followed that with a cozy night in watching about 4 movies with take away greek salad from this gorgeous local restaurant that i've eaten almost all my meals at in Saigon!

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