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Surfing in Munich

Well I finally made it out of Egypt and am currently hanging out with Lisa and Christian in Munich, can I just say that it's nice to be back in a "western" city after the time spent in Egypt.

So Joon wasn't able to give me a ride to the airport because we couldn't find out how to get there and like I figured getting a taxi was a bit of a hassel. What is up with these people (taxi drivers)? The airport itself was a bit smoother then I thought it would be and I arrived in Munich bright and early at about 06:30 in the morning. What I don't get is why for a 4 hour flight all the flights seem to leave between 1 and 4 in the morning? Is this just another sign of Egytpian effiency? I don't know . .

But back to Munich, the weathers cooler and I am finally coming to a end of my stomach issues for which I can not explain the joy it brings me! Now if I could only read the menues I would eat my little jadded hart out! Yesterday we all went to the park and met up with Ingrid and just read out books and just hung out. It was nice to not really do anything. I think I need a few more days of this before I am back to normal. just too much running around and my body just needs the rest! I'll write more after I take another nap!

Oh yeah, seeing all the nice cars around really makes me want to drive, I just found out that Prague is only a 4 hour drive away!

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