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Last day in Cairo and I find myself with the worst case of intestinal issues that I have had since I have been on the road but besides that I also find myself at "nice" Joons place on the outskirts of Cairo which appears to be a large expat area. Thankfully he has said that he would drive me to the airport but since we got lost coming back to his place from the Guest House going to the airport could be a bit of an adventure! But the offer is much appreciated because here like in many other non Western countries dealing with taxi's can often be a source of much frustration. Driving around today I find that I do miss small comforts like being in a decent car, I can't wait to get home and just drive. It's those little things sometimes eh?

But I sit here at his dining room table trying to recap my time in Egypt and it's just been a mix of emotions, dealing with Arabic/Egyptian customs which I find can be a bit abrasive sometimes and can often annoy me but then you meet that one nice Eyptian and you are reminded that not everybody is the same and took keep a open mind about things. People here are very physical when they converse with gestures, loud voices, grabbing each other, or play fighting. You never know if someone is really upset or just not agreeing on the weather.

On a interesting note though Egypt has been the only place where I have found myself traveling with other Asians and generally being accepted within the group and being treated as "big brother" as is the korean/asian way. This has been mainly due to the Joon's and it has been a cool experience for my own personal reasons. Our trip to the Bahariya Oasis was comprised of 2 koreans, 2 Chinese, and 4 Japanese. I don't think that happens all that much to be honest with you. . . So for me Egypt has been more about this experience then for being in Egypt.

"Crazy" Joon has headed home to sort out his life knowing that he no longer wants to work in a office for the rest of his life ( he often worked 6 days a week and extremely long hours and it was after watching how everybody was unhappy and being squished into the subways on a Monday morning he just didn't want that life anymore) and being fluent in Korean, Japanese and English I think he has a lot of oppurtunities in front of him. I told him he should got to Koh Tao and become a dive instructor. "Nice" Joon is heading back to Korea to start his mandatory military stint for the next two years in a month and if he is nervous at all he has been hiding it well but then again he dosen't really like to talk about it so I guess that kind of says enough dosen't it?

5 hours and running, for some reason most flights to Europe leave in the AM so my flight to Munich dosen't leave until 03:20 even though it's a sucky departure time I am excited to get on from here and to hangout with my friend Lisa and her fiance Christian. Plus Ingrid, whom I was traveling with in New Zealand, is also in Munich so I feel it will be a bit of just hanging out and I am looking forward to it.

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