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Random shot's of Seven Heaven

I had origionally stayed up top in one of teh thatched bungalo's,


One of the many "vicous" dogs at Seven Heaven

Just another part of Dahab, there are only really two parts of...

Sitting waiting for the next bus


just some random dude who wanted his picture taken . .

Almost back to Cairo

So finally after 2 weeks I got out of Dahab. Talk about being indecisive, first I was going to head to Aswan then I wasn't. Then I found out some folks were down there so I thought I would go again, then there were no flights and the ferry/bus schedule was erratic. Then everybody I had been hanging out with were all leaving together to head back to Cairo, (Crazy Joon was leaving in a few days and wanted to do a desert trek) it just seemed easier to go with them, less thinking. So back on the bus and after finding out that we couldn't all fit on the same bus (because we didn't plan in advance) we had to catch a later bus to Sharm and then sit for a few hours to get a different bus to Cairo

But back to Dahab, so America lost it's position in the world cup and didn't go forward in the standings. I watched the final game against Ghana with the only other American in a room full of Ghana supporters. . . . it was amusing to say the least. Ahmed from Seven Heaven did indeed end up not giving me the "good price" that he said he would give me when I first moved in but at least it was what I thought it would be. But then he did give me a price break on the diving so I guess it's all a wash isn't it? As for the place in general yeah it's cool but it's just a bit too small. . . although I did finally start to "bond" with the crew at Seven and Dive Down Under. Just like Koh Tao when you start to make friends with the people who are staying for more then a few days you get to see a different side of things.

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