Laurene's European Adventure 2006/2007 travel blog

Manchester from the train window

Howard Castle close up

Howard Castle

Old gravestones


Flooded river

Flooded river 2

Got to the Dublin airport a couple of hours before my flight to Manchester. Dublin's airport is surpisingly small for being such a major city. All the airports here after you check in are like malls. Designer stores all over and my favorite..a MAC store. Had to walk past it though or else I would have bought something.

Landed in Manchester after a breif 30 minute flight. As soon as I got my bag I made my way over to the train station which is located within the airport. My first train ride was actually a lot of fun and a bit confusing at first. Basically the time on your ticket isn't necessarily the train you have to take. I was there early so I was able to catch an earlier train.

York is a really cool town. Walked into the walled section of town to get to my hostel. Dropped off my bags and went exploring. The river was flooded so couldn't walk along the river. Went down to tv room after having some dinner. Met a couple from Alaska and a bunch of girls from Vancouver. Went to bed early so I could get up in the morning to meet Susanne.

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