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Enchiladas anyone?

The classic GTO that dad fixed up for Dominic. This is an...

Quite the diverse parking lot!

The "crew" at Patio Time. (L-R, Bill, Dad and Mike)

Helen's brother Jerry and his wife Carole.

6 point buck and a doe out back.

More deer shots.

More deer.

We're outta here!

Pita's Diary - Buckhannon, Day 4

Well, another day and more fun. We didn't have any rain this time. Uncle Mike got here about 2 o'clock. Grandpa John was giving him a hard time about taking so long to drive here. He said it must have been because of "that Ford" he was driving. Dad stood up for the Fords though because that's what we drive. Grandpa John drives a Chevy. Dad said he'd "blow his doors off" if he wanted to race. I don't think they're really going to race though; it's just one of those human "guy things" where they do a lot of talking but not much doing. Us kitties don't do stuff like that. When I say I'm going to take a nap, I mean it! Lately I've been doing my share of napping too.

After Uncle Mike got here, they all went out back for the infamous "Patio Time". There was Mom and Dad, Uncle Mike, Grandpa John and Helen, Helen's brother Jerry and his wife Carole. Quite the crew, I'd say. Dad says he got a few pictures but no one liked getting their picture taken. I wonder why that is? Us kitties don't mind but then again, no one ever bothers to ask me. They just keep taking pictures.

Dad got some more good pictures of the deer out back. He says he's about done taking pictures of them though. You can only take so many angles on deer. Ha! Grandpa John brought out the old pellet rifle that Dad and Uncle Mike used to use when they were kids. It looks and sounds pretty scary to me. Dad says Grandpa told him he could have it. Dad thought that was great! I guess they took turns shooting it yesterday but it was obvious none of them were a dead-eye shot. I think someone said something about not being able to hit the broad side of a barn; whatever that means. All I know is that no plants or wildlife were harmed by their shooting; not that they didn't try.

Mom made potato salad, Dad cooked tri-tips and Grandpa made pink beans for dinner. They said it all came out great. Mom and Dad stayed home while the others went to a Classic Car Cruise In at a nearby town. Then, when the others were ready to come home, they called us here and Dad fired up the grill for the meat. Just as he was finishing, they all got back from the Cruise In. Great timing! Everyone had a good time at the Cruise In. Tomorrow the crowd is going to the regular Classic Car Show in that same town. I think it's almost an all day event. Mom and Dad are going to stay home again. They say it's because they want to do some sight seeing but I think they are just feeling guilty about not spending more time with me. I make sure I give them "that look" when they wander in and out all day. That works on them every time. Of course, other times I just ignore them and keep on napping. I like to keep them guessing.

Mom and Helen were wandering around the property and found a pretty good sized turtle up in the woods but left it alone. Grandpa John told them to go back and get it so he could check it out. Only a few minutes had gone by when they went back but I guess that was one fast turtle. They couldn't find either hide nor shell of that guy. Ha! Grandpa John gave them a hard time about not being able to find it. He said it's not every day you can get out run and out foxed but a turtle.

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