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Rickety canopy walkway

View from Bukit Terasak (Big Hill?)


And Jane!


Ash on the longest canopy walkway in the world

cool vine things

A change of scene was in store for Ashley and Fiona. After the urban jungle of Kuala Lumpur, the towering trees of the Taman Negara jungle replaced the Menara and Petronas towers of the city. The journey was a long and arduous affair: Two buses lasting about 4 hours, a stay over in the boiling hot 'Jerantut' (Although a cafe with lots of gigantic TV screens just down the road showed the football...), another one-hour bus ride and a 3 hour boat trip up a river made up our route there from Kuala Lumpur. It would turn out to be a worthwhile trip...

The two avid adventurers arrived in time for tea at 'Kuala Tahan', the tourist village in Taman Negara. Another backpacker named 'John' who they had met in KL accompanied them and shared a dorm room. He claimed he'd seen the two travellers around India and indeed had found himself in the same place as them again. Fate? No. They're not going to any of the same places from now on...

Lots of these paragraphs are ending with...

Day one was spent in the thick of the jungle. Our heroes trekked through thorn and thicket to reach their first destination - The treetop canopy walk. For a very small RM 5 (5 Ringgets, 75p) the tenacious twosome braved the longest and highest rope bridge in the world, risking life and limb for the (cheap) thrill. There was no turning back... The walkway operated on a one-way system. The experienced explorers' next intrepid investigation led them uphill, nay, up-mountain, to 'Bukit Terasek' which afforded great semi-panoramic views (Trees obscured a completely 360 degree view). They basked in the glory of their achievements before a slow and wearisome descent to the swimming hole (Which was actually just a river) for a soak to wash away the hardships of the day. Even this luxury was fraught with danger what with the persistent presence of blood-sucking leeches and treacherous torrents. Having faced enough frontiers for one day, they settled down to a bowl of steaming rice and vegetables, floating on a river restaurant.

The sun rose on a new adventure (Thursday) - Rapid shooting on the Tembling River. Now, this isn't to be mistaken for firing a weapon in a rapid fashion. This involved dodging disasterous deluges and gripping on with all the might a person could muster to avoid an awful avalanche over into the whipping white waters below. It was pretty cool.

At the end of these tremendous, tumultuous, tense times, our two talented trotters got the bus to find new adventures in the 'Cameron Highlands' from where they'll post new adventures very soon...

Maybe even photos too...

The End.

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