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Is that a church I see before me...

Ah Silent Hill

The view from the window

Bananas anyone

Oooh what a lovely dining room

Down by the waterfall

View from the top

The road home

Up and left Sihanoukville and headed for kampot. Couldn't find Russell (who I was supposed to be going with), so left him to it and went off to the bus station to try get a shared cab as there were no buses going to kampot. Shared cabs in cambodia are hilarious, largely consisting of a broken down old car with as many cambodians shoved into it as possible. My only surprise was that they didn't make use of the boot. I was given the choice of either paying 4 dollars and sharing the front seat with someone else of paying double and having it all to myself (I went for the latter). They did manage to cram 5 people in the back though.

Pretty much as soon as I got to kampot it started to rain and didn't really stop until I left. Checked in to the Melay Chandra guest house, which fortunately appeared to be the place that everyone else was heading for too as there was a good bunch of people around. Booked myself on to a trip to Bokor hill station that was leaving the next day. Got a very spacious room (ceiling must have been about 20 foot high) for 3 bucks. Met up with khai (a doc from aus) and went to watch the germany - argentina game in one of the few bars to be found in the town.

1st July

Woke up and it was raining, went downstairs to get on the tour to bokor. Turns out the transport consisted of a pickup truck and we were to be seated in the back (no roof), so a wet day ahead was on the books. 8 people were on the tour 4 guys I recognised from Sihanoukville (Pete, Dean, Paul and James), 2 from california (Taylor and Matt), and khai and I.

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