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Dinner on the sidewalk

Bun Thit Nuong...our fav Vietnamese dish....50 cents

30 cents for a litre of draft!!!!

Rice Fields

Just another bus ride...Michelle thinks these are funny

Vietnamese commercial fishing???

Floating bar during our boat trip in Nha Trang

Michelle floating with the bar

Scenery during our boat trip

Just when we were starting to get a little disapointed with Vietnam, along comes Nha Trang! With a great beach, a nice guesthouse and an island hopping trip to keep us entertained, Nha Trang kept us motivated to try a enjoy Vietnam.

The island hopping trip we took in Nha Trang was a nice change for us. We have been typically avoiding packaged tours and doing things on our own! We always chuckle when we see a bus or boat go by crammed with tourists with frowns on thier faces while we're enjoying our own boat or riding a bicycle!

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