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The view from our guesthouse! Saigon, Vietnam

An entry way into a underground tunnel - Cu Chi tunnels

Having second thoughts???

Inside the tunnels at Cu Chi

Destroyed U.S. tank

From Can Tho we headed to Saigon (Ho Chi Minh City). It was a brilliant fast paced absolutely lively city. The streets are always littered with locals - they never sleep.. okay, they do but I think its only in the afternoons behind front desks and on one of the tables in the restaurant while their waiting for you to finish your meal. Tyler took me to this upscale little Jazz place for our anniversary, the main guy was really good but I think his uncle had a dying wish to throw out some North American Lounge Ballads to a live audience so we got a taste of that too.. although we couldn't make out many of the words he was quite entertaining.

We spent a day at the Cu Chi Tunnels - During the Vietnam war the Viet Cong (Southern Vietnamese that secretly supported and fought for North Vietnam) built 250KM worth of underground tunnel just 40 KM from Ho Chi Mihn City. The tunnels had traps, living areas, hospitals etc. they were 3 levels deep and enabled the Viet Cong to live there for 30 years. They had open area's of the tunnels that were widened that we could travel through. It was a tight fit, oxygen was sparse, dark and kind creepy. The VC were brilliant , everything from how they fought to how the lived to ensure victory and we got to see how the did it first hand. We also spent some time at one of the museums, needless to say it was pretty Anti-American. Lots of pictures from the war but mostly of the victims and their families. A large portion was dedicated to the children that were born with horrible disfigurements and handicaps as a result of the spraying of agent orange.

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