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Boats eye view of the floating market in Can Tho, Vietnam

Floating market in Can Tho, Vietname

Floating market

Advertising at the floating market

Vietnamese subs on the river! Tyler had one! A little sketchy!

Michelle buying a pinapple at the floating market

Our boat driver in Can Tho

Houses alone a canal in Can Tho

Heading down a canal during our tour of Can Tho

Making rice paper

Transfering rice paper from the "stove" to the dryer

Rice paper drying

Another little puppy

From Chau Doc we took a bus to Can Tho which is a little travel hub of the Mekong delta.

We finally did a Floating Market. We hadn't been to one at all throughout the trip and figured it was time. It was a 5am departure! Once we got past the bats at the dock to see us off it was pretty cool. Bunch of locals Buying, Selling and Trading off Fruits and Vegetables. After the market we spent a couple hours with our feet up waiting for our branch of the river to rise so we could get through. The Mekong Delta was absolutely authentic, the real Vietnam. Stilted houses lined along the rivers, that water being their lively hood, unfortunately it's their dumpster too. We'd stop about every 20 minutes to dislodge a huge scrap of plastic from the motor that went right back into the water to stall up any boats that might be behind us.

Our favorite thing about the Mekong Delta was the people...some of the most friendly people you will ever meet! Granted we couldn't say much to each other, they made you feel welcome just the same!

For some reason everyone thinks that all Canadians speak french!

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