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Sihanoukville beach

Sihanoukville beach

Beach night

Michelle on the beach

Local girl playing in the sand

The hustle and bustle of the big city is over and we are relaxing on the beaches of Cambodia....I never knew Cambodia had beach's....but I never knew much about Asia before getting here!

The beach we're on is long, white, and empty! There's tonnes of beach chairs but no one in them! I guess we're here in the off season! It suit's us fine. We plan on staying here for about 6 days, we've been away from the water too long and the water here is bathtub warm...seriously, it's quite strange!

We haven't done anything here at all...just the usual, find a great place to eat, sleep and enjoy the beach!

We've accepted the fact that when you sit on the beach, your gonna get hassled by vendors trying to sell you everything from fruit to massages. it's kind of funny sometimes...if michelle would only shave her legs herself, they wouldn't keep offering to do them for her!

We've just finished our last leg of Cambodia and are moving into Vietnam. Cambodia was easily our favorite Country so far. Angkor Wat was brilliant, Phnom Penh was great and we had a great beach to top it all off!

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