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Cambodian country side.

Our mini-bus from the Laos border dropped us off in Stung Treng and we were faced with deciding where we wanted to go first. We chose Siem Reap as our first destination, which would allow us to explore the Temples of Angkor. The guy that met us at the drop off (that's what they do.. you buy a ticket from one shark and they drop you off right at their friend's place who's also a master shark). So shark #2 tries to sell us tickets for and outrageous price and after about 1 hour of bartering we cut his offering price in half and were on our way to Siem Reap. How do you transport 4 Men, 2 Women and a Driver to an agreed upon destination in Cambodia? In a Toyota Camry of course! It was only for 3 hours till the 3 guys got out and we did have A/C and a stereo, so though it was cramped and dangerous, it wasn't as bad as some of our buses in Northern Laos. We transferred Camry's in Kratie and finally had some elbow room for the remainder of the trip to Kompong Cham (1/2 way point and overnight stop). With Michelle, a friend from USA and I in the back seat we had enough room for more people if needed. For some reason the driver didn't care cause when we stopped to pick up 2 more local girls, one girl sat on the passengers lap and the other sat in the same seat as the driver!?! 4 Cambodians in the front, 3 "fat" North American's in the back!

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