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Boat ride to Si Phan Don (4000 islands)

View from our bungalow

Sunset off a balcony - 4000 Islands

Mad waterfall

Fisherman at dusk

After a quick (boring) stop in the capital, Vientiane to get our Cambodian visa's we made our way to Si Phan Don (4000 Islands). At the southern tip of Laos the Mekong River fans out to creating a "Watery Oasis". Most of the islands were no more then a small bunch of bushes, but the islands we stayed on were filled with bamboo bungalows and small villages. There was eventful night when a storm rolled through the Islands. A torrential downpour of rain and huge winds that tore the roofs off some stores and homes. It was not a relaxing time for me and all I could think about was our tiny little bungalow being blown into the Mekong. The storm passed, our bungalow was still in tact and we were thankful that we weren't swimming.

After a short taxi ride and a long mix-up at the border concerning the people's Visa's that were on our truck, we were in Cambodia.

TRAVEL TIP #2: When bussing it from Vientiane to Si Phan Don, never sleep in the bus station guesthouse in Pakxe no matter how late it is! It may seem like common sense to most and learn I guess!

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