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That's Laos across the river!!!!

Drinking beer with the locals and some other travelers our first day...

After a few Beer Lao!

We spent 2 nights in Chiang Rai, Thailand but they were uneventful. We took a bus to the Thai/Laos border and had to take a 2 minute ferry across. It was too easy and almost felt illegal. You could just about spit on Laos from the Thai riverside (We didnt though, that might have been rude).

LAOS: Laos is 100% different than Thailand! For the most part its still untouched and is still its own country with its own values. It's beautiful, vibrantely green, unique, authentic and so friendly. The Lao People have not yet been jaded by disrespecting travelers and are wonderful people to be around.

Just about as soon as we got off the boat and dealt with Immigration we were on the main town strip of Huay Xia and called over by some Lao boys that were supposed to be selling bus tickets but didn't seem to care too much about that. We had beers with them for about 6 hours and attracted some other girls to come hang out as well. Lao boys loooveee Western women. Could be that Hollywood has taught them that we're easy.. could be that they're banking on the hope that we dont know that it's actually ILLEGAL to have sex with a Lao man unless your married to him. Poor guys. When drinking in a group here you share a glass, one person pours, you drink yours, pass back to refill and the next person drinks. Doesn't seem all that hygienic but what can you do, cant be rude about it. We got our shots.

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