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Tyler waiting for the train to Kanchanaburi

Michelle waiting to depart

Our floating bungalow in Kanchanaburi

Bridge on the River Qwai

Michelle at the Tiger Temple, Kanchanaburi

Tyler and his tiggga!

Michelle and a peacock at the Tiger Temple

1 of 7 tiers at the Erawan Waterfalls, Kanchanaburi

At the falls

From Bangkok we jumped on a train (3 hours) and made our way East to the town of Kanchanaburi. It's nestled on the River Kwai and was the tragic site of a WWII P.O.W camp and the infamous Kwai River Bridge (sight of the movie "Bridge on the River Kwai"). We rented these classy little 50's bikes and checked out Museums which explains the WWII story (Japan's overtake of SE Asia) and the Bridge Kwai itself. It was definately nice to finally learn something about the places we're visiting. We visited a Tiger Temple and got to pet real (supposedly unsedated) Tigers which was very humbling. Sedated or not, Tigers are masive, beautiful animals who can only be truely appreciated close up. The Temple was almost a Zoo but the other animals (not the Tigers) roamed free. There was Cattle, Boars, Peacocks, Ponies, Deer and Elk all of which seemed way to comfortale with our presence.

We skipped the expensive tour and figured out the local bus route and took an early morning bus to the Nam Tok Erawan Waterfalls. We had seen the falls in pictures but seeing them first hand was sooo much better. The falls were 2.2km long and had 7 tiers where you could swim in crystal clear fresh water and escape the heat. It was nice to be able to hike up hill a few hundred feet and then jump into the falls to cool off. If it wasn't for the fish that ranged in size from 1 inch to 2 feet that thought you were food, the water would have been perfect. It was still pretty perfect.

After our amazing journey we needed to sit down for some lunch while we were wating for the bus back. We ordered, drank our Cokes and I realized that I had no idea where my wallet was. We freaked out. I was the only one with cards/cash at the time. I burned back up the 2.2km mountain (leaving Michelle to stop our meals and explain why we couldnt pay for our drinks) stoping at every fall and asking everyone I saw if they'd found a wallet. Realizing that it was such a long shot but we really had no other choice. We knew we'd be sleeping there that night and I'd have to sell Michelle off to get us back to our hotel an hour away. I got back to the bottom empty handed. Michelle had made friends and begged for some bus money home (God bless Canadians). As we were talking (and figuring out how to recover from this blow) I noticed that stupid wallet sticking out of the back lining of our day pack! I've no idea why I put it in the lining and still barely remember doing it. Oh well, I've been eating too much and needed the exercise anyway.

A neat treat of Kanchanaburi was a temple that was hosting the Chinese New Year celebrations during the evening. We stumbled on the temple after walking around our first night in town and went back the next night just for kicks. It was like a mini Calgary Stampede (minus the alcohol and white people). We were the only Caucasions there but were treated like locals. Great food, great people and a great town will make Kanchanaburi a highlight on our travels for sure.

We're currently in Chaing Mai and are heading out to do a 3 day Trek in the Hills tomorrow (Elephant rides, Bamboo rafting and visting hill tribes). Thailand gets more and more rewarding with each exciting day!


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