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Reclining Buddha - 40ft long & 15 ft high


Michelle interview with some Thai students

Ko San Road, Bangkok

Our typical street buffet in Bangkok

Tyler outside of a Buddhist temple

Michelle in some back street

Tyler in some back street

Temple across the river

Same temple up close

Dried fish...smelled great

After 18 hours of travel (Boat, Bus and Waiting) we arrived in Bangkok at 5am with what seemed like 1000 other backpackers, all looking for rooms. We found one place right away which was a little pricey (and the alley leading to the place was home of these huge Rats that were chewing on some cat in the corner) we had to wait 1.5 hours to check in so I went out looking for a better place. This was strange, Bangkok is nothing like Calgary and I was more then a little nervous not knowing what was around the corner. After about 15 full hotels I finally lucked out and found a clean cheap guest house for us to crash. We actually really enjoyed Bangkok, theres lots to see, it's chaotic in a cool way, there's food every 10 feet and it's the place to buy cheap knock off clothes, sunglasses, watches and pretty much anything else you would want. We checked out lots of temples, rode on river taxi's, ate great street food, hung out in parks by the river and watched kid's breakdancing and a huge swarm of adults doing aerobics out in the open. Michelle even got interviewed by a group of Thai University students on tape. We weren't sure what the purpose was, the questions were easy and silly, we figured it was so they could practice their English. Went to the main areas of Bangkok to shop at night markets and checked out the 'naughty' areas of Bangkok (from a distance) just to say we were there. All in all Bangkok was a very cool city as far as cities go and we're looking forward to a brief visit before we leave SE Asia.

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