Fiji 2004 travel blog

At Natadola Beach

The giant sand dunes

Boarding at the sand dunes

We jumped back on the Feejee Experience bus on Monday morning. Feejee Experience had to send a mini van out along with the bus because there were too many passengers for us to all fit on the bus, so Mich, Kellie, and I rode in the minivan with two other people the whole time.

Our first stop for the day was Natadola Beach. The water was so nice and the sand on the bottom of the ocean was soft. I swam for a while and then laid on the beach. There were also locals there offering horse rides. For lunch, we had a beach bbq/picnic. Our next stop was the giant sand dunes of Sigatoka. They were huge!! The minivan got there first, so we all grabbed body boards and climbed up the dunes. The wind was horrible at the top of the sand dune, and I thought my body board was going to fly away. We all went down before watching any one else do it, so that didn't give us a chance to figure out the best method. I would have wanted to give it another go, but I was not going to walk to the top of the sand dune again because I'm lazy like that. One of our bus mates got completelly run over by another person. Some blood was spilled that afternon.

We drove down to the Coral Coast after that where we would be staying for the night. We stayed at this hostel called the Crow's Nest. It had the funniest showers. They would just go on and off at random. A really good shower turned out to be a hard thing to come by in most places besides Nadi. That night, we had dinner and hung out with the people from the bus, playing telephone (or Chinese whispers as most people seem to call it).

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