Fiji 2004 travel blog

Local produce at Nadi Market

On our way to Robinson Crusoe Island

It's windy!!

Land ho!!

Our bure

Sunset bonfire

A hammock by the beach

Me and Mich at sunset

Mich, me and Kellie at sunset

Sunset at Robinson Crusoe Island

Welcoming kava ceremony

Me drinking kava

The fire dance

Oooohhh...lots of fire....


We spent two nights on Robinson Crusoe Island. This island was completely different from Beachcomber. The sand was a lot softer, the water less clear, and the mosquitos greater in number.

On Saturday morning, we jumped onto the Feejee Experience bus in Nadi. Feejee Experience is this backpacker bus system that goes all the way around the main island of Viti Levu. Along the way, there are three main stops and you can jump off at any time. Buses operate about every other day, so you can just jump back on the bus whenever it comes back around. If you don't jump off and stay with the bus the entire time, it takes 4 days and 3 nights to get back to Nadi. We were planning to take a week to finish Feejee Experience since we wanted to jump off at two points. Along the way, the bus also makes scenic stops and organizes activities. It's really cool because you wind up meeting a lot of other people and spending a lot of time with them.

Our first stop was Nadi Town to pick up some food and buy sulus (sarongs), which we would need for our visit to a village in a couple of days. The streets were much more crowded this day since it was a weekend. There was also a market selling fresh fruits and vegetables that day. We spent about half an hour walking around town before we got back on the bus, only to be dropped off again after another half an hour at the jetty to Robinson Crusoe.

The boat ride over to Robinson Crusoe was amazing because we were surrounded by trees and had no idea where we were going when all of a sudden, the island was straight in front of us. The three of us got to stay in our own little bure (or hut). It had one double bed and one single bed. I didn't do anything all day except sleep, write and read. One funny thing about this island was the "bucket showers". There's a limited water supply on the island so there's a one bucket limit for the showers. Not only that, but you have to fill up the buckets on your own. There are water jugs sitting outside the showers and you use that water to fill up the buckets. You have to hoist down the shower bucket and fill it up with water from another bucket using water from the jugs and then hoist the shower bucket back up. It actually wasn't that bad compared to some of our later shower experiences.

That evening there was a sunset bonfire, and we all watched the sun go down to the sounds of guitar strumming and island singing. After that, there was a welcoming kava ceremony. We had to introduce ourselves and say if we were single or married. If you said you were single, everyone of the opposite sex would respond with "I see you, baby!"

After dinner, the staff performed lots of different dances and the grand finale was a fire dance. Later on in the night, there was music and dancing. I didn't hang around too long though.

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