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mommy and me on beach

me on deck of our bungalow

view from the water of our place

daddy took this one from the water

beautiful paradise everyday

view from our deck (that's me and mommy in water)

me and mommy having a splish-splash

me a rockstar like antie and uncle

sunset one evening

view from boat as we are leaving in morning

After hearing so many good things about the islands in the on the north east coast of Malaysia I just had to check it out. But first...transport.

On the bus trip over here, we had to stop as there were many muslims on the bus and they had to pray at the local "prayer center". Once we got that sorted out, we were on our way to the town where we would take a very noisy, speedboat that took 30 minutes to the islands. Mom and Dad said that places fill up quickly on the island so I told them they better makes some calls from the main land. We found out what was availiable before getting on the boat.

Once on the water vessel, everyone was being flung about due to the roughness of the waves, but I loved it. People on the boat kept looking at me as I screamed in delight at the super fun ride, and the ocean wind in my hair. I did notice one poor guy lying down during entire ride, maybe he was sea-sick? He did look a little green. The small boat then dropped us off on the beach. There a nice English fellow put down his pet monkey, ambled over and gave us the low down of the places to stay on the beach. Turns out he was one of many "Dive Masters" who live there and taught diving seasonally to all the toursits. Nice!!

Now a low down on what we were "dealing with"...Yeah, I know, poor us.

The Perhentian Islands, the two islands are rated as some of the most beautiful islands in the world.( we stayed on the smaller one). A virtual paradise for snorkelling( which we did) and diving in crystal-clear water or just lazing on one of the white sandy beaches( which we did more) waiting for the coconuts to drop.(there were actually signs underneath the trees warning people about the falling coconuts). I noticed mommy pointing this out to daddy one day as he and I were caught lazing about underneath one. Whoops.

We chose to stay on the west side of the island to watch the sunset, but turns out they were not that spectacular most nights. Except of course for the nice one daddy captured one evening.

There were lots of Dive shops, at least three on the Coral Bay side where we were staying. And one more being built. However, according to one Canadian girl who lives and teaches diving there, all this "water activity" is ruining the very thing these islands are famous for, the coral. She thinks maybe one day the government will ban it to preserve it like it tried unsuccessfully at several other locations around the islands.

M & D and I went on a full day snorkeling trip one day. I had to wait in the boat though while M & D tooks turns as there was not a snorkel mask that would fit me. But according to them the scene was great. Lots of "Nemo fish" whoever THAT is, stingrays and sharks!! Daddy shaw three and mommy saw only one. But not to worry, they don't attack peoples and swim and mind their own business at the bottom of the ocean. Whew!

Daddy went on several Kayaking trips solo while Mommy and I stayed behind. He talked excitedly upon his return of "small fishing villiages", "calm waters" and general "well being" while out on the beautiful ocean. I'm glad he had a good time. He wanted to take me and mommy, but decided in the end, not to be such a hot idea, as no lifejacket for me, and not very safe. Oh wells.

Daddy also enjoyed a nightly beach vollyball game with locals, usually before dinner. Then most of them had to hightail it to work. Very nice fellows. And one seemed VERY interested in the sister that mommy mentioned she had.

We ended up spending more than we expected, about twenty dollars CAD per night. Now I know what your thinking.... "that's so cheap!!" But remember, we are used to paying only about ten every where else we went, and this was a bit over budget, but of course well worth it. We could have found cheaper, but then would not have had that amazing view.

So all in all, we had a great time there. The people were super friendly, the bungalow relaxing and tans were had by all, Yes, even me, if only a little bit unintentional.

Well, we are off to Trang, Thailand, (a 10 hour travel day) and make our way to more beautiful beaches, such as Ko Phi Phi, Phuket, then fly to Bangkok for few days of shopping, smog and hearing the constant mantra "hey, where you go?". Then home, YIPPEE!!


Miss Mika

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