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Lovely, shaded park - Ledgeview RV Park, Lake George, NY

Our RV - Ledgeview RV Park, Lake George, NY

Nice paved roads - Ledgeview RV Park, Lake George, NY

Glen Falls Public Tennis Courts - surfaced severly cracked

Linda on Warren County Bike Trail with Lake George in the background

Doug on road overpass along the Warren County Bike Trail, Lake George

Linda finishing bike ride with Lake George in the background

View of Lake George in Lake George Village

Doug climbing rocky, wet trail up, up up to top of Prospect...

Definitely, rocky, wet trail we had to traverse - Prospect Mountain, Lake...

See what we had to maneuver most of the way to the...

Finally, about 2 1/2 hours later, the top of Prospect Mountain -...

View from top of Prospect Mountain

One of the locks we saw as we biked along the Feeder...

Along the way on the Feeder Canal Towpath, Glens Falls

A tennis pro (Doug) - Usher Park near Lake George Village

Great tennis court - Usher Park, Lake George Village

Usher Park, Lake George Village

The small beach area at Usher Park, Lake George Village

Lake George, NY

We liked this campground the best so far. The grounds are among many tall pine trees that offers plenty of shade. Reasonable fees. WiFi at the office. The sites are quite level and provides lots of room between each RV. It is very well maintained. The campground is located between Glens Falls and Lake George Village which makes both very accessible. It is still off-season so there aren't many people around. The week before we came was Bikers Week. Being here in season would not pleasant.

Day 1:

Ouch! Woke up to temperatures in the high 40's. Most of the day was spent doing RV chores and shopping. Took a drive to get familiar with the area. The day warmed up nicely and we were able to get in a short game of tennis.

Day 2:

Lovely weather once again. We played tennis in the morning and then did a 7 mile bike ride on the Warren County Trail that starts in Lake George Village. That evening we drove to Saratoga Springs, about 30 minutes away, to meet friends, Sally and Bruce Hodsoll, for dinner at the Wheat Fields Restaurant. The town itself looked worth exploring, if and when time permits.

Day 3:

We decided after studying a list of hiking trail descriptions to climb Prospect Mountain. The listing said it was a moderate 1.75 mile (1 way) climb to a spectacular view at the summit. This was, by far, the most difficult hike so far. It was a very steep, rocky hike. Somehow we got off the main trail which made our hike up much longer than it should have been. We met an experienced hiking couple along the way and so hiked together to the summit. They told us that this was considered one of the easier hikes in the area. That the Adirondacks' is known for much more extreme hikes. It didn't make us feel any better. By the time we reached the top, the prospect of having to hike back down was not too exciting. But going down really wasn't very difficult (though our muscles might not agree). The hike took a total of 4 hours.

Lunch was at a cute place right on Lake George.

Day 4:

Our bodies are not happy today. So, took a scenic drive around part of the lake.

Day 5:

Did a short bike ride on the Glens Falls Feeder Canal Towpath. Intended to take a long ride but couldn't find the main trail. So played tennis after lunch instead.

Day 6:

Linda went with Sally to visit Dot Ferguson, a retired school teacher, they once worked with. That evening was spent having dinner at Sally and Bruce's with 2 other couples, the Lackmans and Krauses, whom we haven't seen in years.

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