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The Menara tower

The Petronas Towers and the city from the Menara tower

Another view of the city from the Menara tower

Greetings from Malaysia!

We've been in Kuala Lumpur now for 2 days, and we absolutely love it. If you want to go shopping, COME TO KUALA LUMPUR. There's SOOO many places to buy things and it's all so much cheaper than in England. There's been a lot of "Walk away. Just walk away from the shop..." going on. And the food is so good. Last night we ate in China Town and it was all fantastic. Food is everywhere you go. Indeed, there are no less than THREE McDonalds all within sight of each other right where we live. Two KFC's aswell. But there's a lot of other places too.

Referring to the title, we've just been up the 'Menara Tower' which is the 4th tallest tower in the World. I think the 3rd or possibly even 2nd tallest we're doing tomorrow. They're the twin 'Petronas Towers' also in Kuala Lumpur, and they're pretty famous. They're the ones which are connected in the middle by a bridge, which is where we're going :) Will be good fun. Great views from the top of Menara though.

Our hotel is like a student accommodation building. The rooms are clean but very small with shared toilets and showers at the end of the hall. Downstairs is like a student bar with a big screen TV (good for football!), cold drinks, a pool table and hot food. And all for about 6 pounds a night! It's full of young travellers too which is cool. I'll be seeing the England V Ecuador game tomorrow night which I'm pleased about.

Our plans are to go to Taman Negara which is a forest in which you can stay and do tree top canopy walks across rickety rope-bridges which will be brilliant. We also want to go to Penang and maybe some other places but it all depends on how much time we have. All the same, I think Malaysia will be fantastic!

Write again soon, Ash xxx

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