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Udaipur's one claim to fame is that it is the city in which 'Octopussy', the fantastically Indian James Bond film was shot. We're here with Edd and Lucy, two of the people we braved the desert with, and we've had a great time basically just shopping for 2 days solidly.

On the first day we all slept for ages as the previous night's sleeper bus journey had been particularly uncomfortable and we'd arrived at 5 a.m. I had an argument with our tuc-tuc driver who wouldn't give me Rs 5 change (6p) because he "didn't have it". A lot of "Look, it's 5 in the morning, I've had no sleep, I'm NOT in the mood for this" was said at a raised volume. I was in a bit of a strop it must be said :)

We'd made plans whilst in Jaisalmer to eat a one-off, hugely-expensive-for-us-travellers meal at the famous 'Floating Palace' in Udaipur. It's basically a really plush hotel in the middle of a beautiful lake here. We'd read that it cost Rs 750 (9 pounds), but when we read a newer report, it cost Rs 1500, so doubled to 18 quid per person! Trust me, that's a HELL of a lot for us! Plus we'd have to have bought suits and stuff to actually be allowed in there, so we gave it a miss. Edd and I did have some expensive drinks at another plush hotel by the lake whilst the girls were shopping, so that was our little extravagance! Sitting by the lake watching the sun set behind rolling green hills, you realise why movie-makers would see Udaipur as a idyllic place to film and that it fully deserves it's fame as a beautiful city with amazing views.

We ended up having dinner at a road-side cafe where we actually watched Octopussy. It seems the city is very proud of it's brush with Hollywood and flaunts it at any given oppertunity!

Day 2 was all about shopping for souvenirs. We both spent a small fortune for a small budget, but we've both now bought most of our souvenirs for you lucky people and so that's out the way. Plus, shopping detracted from our sadness that we're actually leaving India in 3 days! We definately didn't plan enough time for this wonderful place. I think a return visit is in order :)

So we're leaving Udaipur today to go to Delhi (Which I'm slightly miffed about as it means I'll miss the England V Sweden game...) and catch our plane on the 22nd to Malaysia. We have arranged to meet up with Dave in Delhi though (Dave, or 'Justie', was a volunteer with us in Sri Lanka) which will be really nice. He says he has some 'cautionary tales' from Thailand! We're also hopefully seeing Edd and Lucy one more time there, as we're parting ways tonight. We go to Delhi, they go to Agra and then Delhi. I really hope we see them agin. They've been great company.

Speak again soon,


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