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where dad spent time watching the world cup


We headed north east to Taman Negra (National Park in Malay) from KL and, like normal, we arranged our on transport, using the local busses when possible, rather than the package tours offered along with all the other tourists. It is always cheaper but some times it can be a real pain if connections don't work out. Well this time it was fine and after a short overnight stay in the nearest main town to the park we headed off in the morn with only two other people on the bus. The trip was an hour compared to the 3 hours boat trip most tourist do (and a fraction of the price). Kuala Tahan is the very remote town outside the park where we stayed. The park is across the river with boats shuttling people back and forth to the park. We found a nice quite chalet just up from the river bank rather then stay at the expensive resort in the park.

There were long hikes and treks from a few hours to a week long through the jungle as well as night treks and boat trips up the river. I wasn't interested in going on any long treks so we did the popular canopy walk. This was an hour walk into the jungle where we arrived to this well built canopy system of bridges going from tree to tree over 100 feet above the ground. It is the longest hanging bridge canopy walkway in the world and what a setting for it. We had a beautiful view of the jungle listening to all the birds with no one around. It wasn't until later that night we realized how lucky we were that we were the only ones there at that time. Normally there are hoards of people lined up to wait their turn.

There is lots more to say about this amazing place and the three day we spent there, it is over 130 million years old with over 300 species of birds, 200 wild animals from tigers and elephants to tapirs and sun bears. We saw lots of large monitor lizards and nice birds and some water buffalo but no tigers. Dad did sees the smallest monkey in the world on a night boat trip (also the only nocturnal primate). Much like a sloth it moves slowly in the trees high above the jungle ground.

It rained everyday we were there for a few hours in the afternoon. This gave us time to relax in one of the floating restaurants where dad would stay up late watching the world cup matches. We took the boat back down the river when we left which was so relaxing that I slept for almost the whole two hours.

Now we are headed up the east coast of Peninsular Malaysia into Thailand before heading back to Bangkok to catch our flight home.


Miss Mika

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