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Hi everyone who is still logging on :-)

Tonight is our last night in lovely Darwin. I spent all of yesterday (while Rob was off doing some more serious didge shopping) looking up car rentals and camper van rentals and camper van transfers etc etc since we have deided to drive to Perth! (personal to families: seriously try not to sweat this one as the highways are clear and long and well travelled and we are well prepared..more on that though).

Anyway, at the end of my research day, with the best price for a car with insurance was just under $100/day and a camper van for a month would be a little over $2000 and this is SO much money. The other option being that Darwin is a hub for people selling cars and vans because most people drive to Darwin from Cairns or the south and then want to fly back to Sydney from here. We flip-flopped a lot between the two and I had finally found the camper rental we would take, when I saw this ad for a car for sale (cue chorus of angels).

I took down the ad to show rob when he comes back from shopping to see what he says, and as I'm wandering around town with my friend Tal (hi Tal! Are you reading this?) what shows up? It's the car in the ad. And the couple selling it are currently droppin gthe price since they are leavin the nxt morning on the train. Long story slightly less long, I took her for a test drive and spent time with the owners (who are alovely couple who drove up from Perth), and still haven't seen Rob, I decided to buy it.

Only four minutes left on the computer, but 'nuff said that the car is a ripper, really good, full of camping gear, drives like a dream , has 4 new tires (we bought them today), Rob loves it (I swear, Pelletier clan!hee hee) and we'll have to tell you more later! We go to Kakadu tmorrow and then pn to Pine creek for a didge festival andwe'll check in soon


marianne (and rob)

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