Fiji 2004 travel blog

Kellie, me and Michelle at LAX

Me and the Feejee Experience limo

Sri Siva Subramaniya Swami Temple

Another view of the temple

Mountains outside of Nadi Town

The Sleeping Giant

The Garden of the Sleeping Giant

Lots of orchids

Purple orchids

Pink and yellow orchids

Rainforest at the garden

Me and Mich wandering the garden

Dinner at the Nadi Bay Hotel

Michelle, Kellie and I all met up at LAX on Sunday night for our 11:30 pm Air Pacific flight to Nadi. I must say that the flight was really comfortable. I watched 'Shrek 2' and tried to start watching 'Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban' before the red wine I had for dinner kicked in and I started nodding off. We arrived in Nadi at 5:10 am on Tuesday morning. You hop on a 10 and a half hour flight and all of a sudden it's two days later!!

Anyway, we had to wait at the airport for a couple of hours before our transfer to our hostel arrived. We killed some time at the Feejee Experience office and ate breakfast. I had samosas. My first of many Indian meals on this trip. We were finally picked up by the Feejee Experience limo, which I found amusing, at around 8:30 and rode over to the Nadi Bay Hotel. We checked in and rested for a couple of hours before we decided to head into town. We were planning to take a local bus into town but as we were walking down the street, some friendly locals offered us a ride. We walked the entire length of Nadi Town before we ended up at the Sri Siva Subramaniya Swami Temple (try saying that three times fast). It is Fiji's largest Hindu temple and is really colorful and a huge architectural contrast to the rest of Fiji. Visitors to the temple have to remove their shoes upon entering the grounds and are asked to refrain from drinking alcohol and eating meat the day they visit. After visiting the temple, we had lunch at an Indian restaurant in town. I had curry and a refreshing tropical drink.

We still had to keep ourselves occupied for the rest of the afternoon, so we decided to go to the Garden of the Sleeping Giant. We took about a half hour cab ride outside of Nadi to get there. The garden is located at the bottom of some mountains and one of them resembles a man lying on his back (aka a sleeping giant). It was originally started by Raymond Burr ("the star of Perry Mason"). The garden has over a thousand varities of orchids and also has a rainforest area. The flowers were so beautiful. It was also nice and tranquil in the garden that day with very few visitors.

The rest of the day was spent sitting by the pool, playing Scrabble with a British chap, having dinner and going to bed at 9:30.

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