Tripping 2005/06 travel blog


Plaza de Armas

Companice de Jesus

Busy Plaza de Armas

People and music everywhere

Cusco flag

Peru flag

Getting dressed up

The whole family. Where is dad?

Condors, not chickens.

Little lost lamb

One can't loose them in that

Shake it baby, shake it

Sky masks

Catch the falling trousers


They wanted 5 soles for the photo

Sneaky photo

From a birds' eye view

Below our feet

Part of the Plaza

Aren't they cute?

Cheery crowd

All colours of the rainbow

OK, boys who's got the biggest nose?

Getting carried away

Waiting for their turn


Pretty in pink

Camon Farther join in

Different regions

Only when I say ....

Not so nice in dark

17/6 Got up at 5am and got the train at 5.45. The 2 hrs journey was an uneventful one, although a beautiful one. We arrived at Olla on time. Here we piled into a bus where we had the worst seats in the bus. Crammed right in the back with no leg room what so ever. Got to Cusco just before 10am only because our drive was crazy and were taking no prisoners. We swear the bus took some bends on 2 wheels. In the same hotel, the same slow staff, but different room and the same well needed laundry service. Watched Czech got killed by Ghana, had banana split, that took 40min to prepare and spent the afternoon on the net. Early dinner (jacket potato, what a treat) and off the bed. Tomorrow evening off to Nazca.

18/6 Checked out at 10am, but left the bags. Went up to the plaza where there was a festival up in traditional cloths. Watched the dancing for a while. We had lots of photos to upload, so Lenka did this, whilst Steve watched football. Brasil v Australia. Not really fair. At 1pm after the net and football is done we go back to the plaza. Go and look inside the Compania de Jesus. This has the biggest alter (see sneaky photo) in Peru at 21 metres tall. Have to take a guide round, who knew squat. We go and hang out on a bench and check out all the 360 photos we have taken in 5 days. As for the late afternoon we head for a restaurant that shows films on a big screen. We watched 16 blocks. After this it's time to head to the terminal. Bus is OK and leaves on time. Get a blow out whilst still in town. Takes 1hr or so to stop and change it. This makes us late. We both sleep for most of the night.

17.6 Vstavali jsme v 5, protoze vlak jel v 5.45. 2hodinova cesta byla nadherna. Dojeli jsme do Olla na cas a prestoupili do autobusu kde jsme meli ty nejhorsi sedacky. Uplne vzadu a zadne misto na nohy. Dojeli jsme do Cusco tesne pred 10tou jen proto protoze ridic byl blazen. Ten si to pekne svihal a my prisahame, ze nekolikrat bral zatacky po dvou kolech. Sli jsme do stejneho hotelu, se stejne pomalym zamestancem, dostali jsme jiny pokoj ale pouzili jsme tu samou pradelnu. Sli jsme na obed a koukali se na Cechy jak dostali nakladacku od Ghany, dali si banan se zmrzlinou, ktery trval 40 minut udelat a sli jsme na internet. Dali jsme si obed (horkou bramboru, to byla zmena) a sli cucet na televizi. Zitra vecer do Nazca.

18.6 Vstali jsme a odesli z hotelu pred 10tou. Nechali jsme tam batohy a sli se podivat na namesti kde meli festival v krojich. Bylo to krasne, spousta hudby a barevnych kroju. Pekne jsme to pro vas vse vyfotili. Meli jsme spoustu fotek kterych jsem musela dat na net a tak ja sla na internet a Steve se dival na fotbal, Brasilie v Australie. Neni to spravedlive. Po fotbale jsme sli zpatky na namesti a zasli jsme do Compania de Jesus, kde maji nejvetsi altar (podivejte se na fotku - sneaky photo), ktery meri 21m. Meli jsme pruvodce, ktery umel nic moc anglicky a tak nam toho moc nerekl. Flakli jsme s sebou na lavicku a prohledli si vsech 360 fotek, ktere jsme nafotili behem 5-ti dnu. Odpoledne jsme prosedeli v restauraci ktera poustela filmy na velkem platne a divali se na 16 bloku s Brucem Willisem. Pak uz jsme sjeli na nadrazi a nastoupili do autobusu smer Nazca. Autobus byl dobry, cisty a na cas. Pichli jsme jeste nez jsme vyjeli z nadrazi, ale ridici trvalo skoro hodinu nez nekde zastavil a kolo vymenil. Tim padem jsme meli pekne zpozdeni. V autobuse jsme dostali veceri a snidani a oba jsme prospali vetsinu noci.

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