Fiji 2004 travel blog

Kellie "feeding" me papaya on the catamaran to Beachcomber

View of Treasure Island from the boat

View of Beachcomber Island from the boat

Coconut trees

Treasure Island from Beachcomber

The Grand Bure

Michelle husking a coconut

My first kava and it's yum

We spent 3 days and 2 nights on Beachcomber Island. On Wednesday morning, we left the Nadi Bay Hotel for Denarau Port and boarded a catamaran for the island. The trip took about half an hour and was really cool because we passed by all of these other little islands (like Treasure Island) on our way over to Beachcomber, plus they gave us fruit to eat. The island is TINY. Michelle and I walked around the entire island in 10 minutes. We stayed in the Grand Bure, which is a 98-person dorm, but we were lucky enough to get bunks in the upstairs loft so we got our own little space with 3 other people.

We didn't do much that day, but I guess 'not much' is what you're supposed to do on the islands. Between meals, we learned to husk coconuts, swam, and laid on the beach. The water is amazing here. It's so clear and calm and blue and warm. That night we also met three of the oddest people ever. I'm still trying (unsucessfully) to block them from my memory.

Okay, so Beachcomber is supposed to be THE party island, but as we learned that night, it is L-A-M-E. After dinner, they had us play some random trivia game and then my worst nightmare came true when the music started. First, they had people doing the hokey-pokey. Then, the live band started playing random things like "Sweet Home Alabama", which in my mind, no Fijian band should be allowed to play. Then, we got our first dose of the dreaded Bula Dance. Once people started busting out the Macarena, I knew that my night was going to end soon, but all of a sudden, one of the guys we had met managed to get some kava, so that got me to stay up for a little longer but not much.

Kava is I guess the Fijian drink of choice. It's made from the root of this plant that is grown for like 10 years and then dried and pounded. When they make the drink, they put the pounded kava into a clothe and soak the clothe in water until it looks like swamp water. Drinking it makes your mouth numb, and if you drink a whole lot, it's supposed to make your whole body numer. That never happened to me even though I drank up to 7 bowls in one night. Anyway, it is not delish.

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