Maddren Family - Europe trip to Spain, France, Italy & England 2006 travel blog

View out of the kids bedroom window

Courtyard with BBQ in background

The little lizzard that lives on this rock outside our apartment

Mark enjoying a coffee in the early morning sun

Kids watching 'A series of unfortunate events' on the laptop

The little black dog fron next door who visits us via the...

Tyler teaching Jacob how to tie a bow before he jumps in...

Very nice, extra length swimming pool

The boys climbing out to get ready for another swimming race

Tyler watching as Jacob jumps in


The kids checking their emails and messages on

Homemade Margherita pizza Italian style

Sunset as we see it from out outdoor dining area

Erin, studious as always, doing her diary and her maths homework

The boys doing their work and diaries

See the rainbow up in the cloud, we read somewhere that this...

Jacob using his bed as a trampoline!

Jacob & Tyler going for the big jump as Erin takes the...

And again...

Erin with her hair tied up. Moggy would be pleased.

Three little rascals

The pasta lunch Erin & Mark prepared

Erin setting the table

Snoozem, Monkey and Bob get some fresh air while we eat lunch

Jacob is never far away from his Snoozem and Bobby

The view of Tuscany from Catona

Mark & kids with at Catona

Kri, Mark 7 Jacob at Catona

Ware monument at Catona. An angel lifting the wounded soldier.

Gelato shop in Catona - the kids loved the icecream cone stools.

The boys munch on their gelatos


The Piazza in Catona

View from the top on Catona over the olive groves to the...

Olive farming as seen from Catona

Water fountain in Catona

The Bistecca dwarfing the plate and ready for the BBQ!

Mark heading for the BBQ

The Bistecca and red peppers on the BBQ

Tyler keeping an eye on his steak

Jacob checks on his big fat pork sausages.He ate most of them...

Erin arrives with the wine

A delicious authentic Tuscan summer meal - the photo doesn't quite do...

Our farm house

We cooked Damper on the BBQ for lunch

The kids by the little Peugeot, all cleaned up and ready to...

Just like new again

At dinner with Chiara on our last night in Tuscany

Jacob in the swinging chair

Erin in the swinging chair

Tyler in the swinging chair

The kids in the little car they spent hours on

Jacob takes a tumble

Are you OK Jacob?

Registering for our wine & food tour/trek

Wine glasses in our pouches we are ready for the long walk...

Through the streets

Down past the old village well

On to the first trail

Time for some shade and a breather along the way

Antipasto first course

First course stop

First course stop

Kris & the kid in one of the forest sections

Jacob on the trail

Pasta with duck meat at the second stop

The boys enjoy their pasta

Kris at the second stop

Arriving at the BBQ third stop

Chiara's boyfriend Mauricio and us at the third stop

Jacob got excited about the prospect of BBQ's meat

Jacob munches in to a spare rib!

Finishing the trail at the fourth stop

The view back to the village we started at

Band playing under the shade of a big tree at the castle

The castle at last!

Collecting very sweet desert wine (a bit like Muscat) and biscotti to...

The locals got into their dancing

Looking at the castle from the gardens

Looking at the castle from the gardens

The castle gardens

The gardeners cottage and vege garden

Tyler cooling off on the swing

Procession back in to the village

Procession back in to the village

The impressive petal decorations for the procession

Scarecrow in a local field

Boys playing on the wine barrel at our farmhouse

Boys playing on the wine barrel at our farmhouse

Boys playing on the wine barrel at our farmhouse

Boys playing on the wine barrel at our farmhouse

Kris's deep fried zuchini flowers

Mark's roasted zuchini & tomatoes with lots of garlic and olive oil

Sunflower field

Fisherman's soup

Margherita pizzas for lunch by the sea

View along the beach

View up to the castle we climbed up to

Lifeguard's binoculars

The kids spending some of their spending money given to them by...

View along the beach fom the port entrance

The red lighthouse...

....and the blue one

Mark & the kids hunting for crabs on the rocks

Found them!

Boys on the rocks

Th boys climbing the hill to the castle

A moggy at the window

Kris & Jacob at the top of the hill

Stained glass window in the church

Stained glass window in the church

The church tower

Italian flags flying for the worldcup game

View down to the beach from the castle

Castiglione Della Pescaia

The kids venture into the sunflower field

Jacob in the sunflower field

Tyler in the sunflower field

Erin in the sunflower field

Kris in the sunflower field

Our wounded little soldier all bandaged up

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