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The birthday girl Erin

Erin was missing her fiends and cousins on her birthday so we...

10 years old today

Erin & Tyler at Erin's birthday lunch

Mark, Erin & Jacob at Erin's birthday lunch

Kris has her first paella at Erin's birthday lunch

Mark by the big fishing nets

Mark by the big fishing nets - poo they stunk!

After a long drive from St Beuzeil we arrive at Hester's 'Absoluetly...

The kids settle in at Hester's

Erin trying out the fountain pen calligraphy set she got for her...

Amanda invited us over for welcome drinks and to celebrate Erin's 10th...

Erin & Tyler at Erin's 10th birthday party

Jacob at Erin's 10th birthday party

Kris & Erin at Erin's 10th birthday party

The kids all jumped in Amanda's pool

We lit the outdoor fire to warm them up after their swim...

Erin by the fire

The birthday girl

Amanda with her potent Lemonchello desert!

Mother & daughter all smiles after a great night to celebrate Erin's...

After the party it was back to Hester's about 1am with left...

The church in St Maximin

Menu board at our favourite Crepere in Uzes, a few kms away...

These crepes are the best

An amazing sweet shop in Uzes.The presentation is incredible.

The Piazza in Uzes

Mark & Tyler paddling down towards the Pont du Gard

Kris & Tyler paddling down towards the Pont du Gard

Jacob, Mark & Erin setting off again after a stop for lunch...

Tyler relaxing

Jacob after the mud fight he started during lunch - naughty!

Kris taking a break from paddling

Time for a bit of racing...and oushing and shoving

Finally the Pont du Gard is in sight

We stop to get photos of the Pont du Gard which is...

It's increadible that the Roman's built these ponts to carry water all...

Erin on the kayak as we come up to the Pont du...

Amanda & Kris at dinner to celebrate Hester's birthday at the local...

Mark with Barbara from USA & Tom from Manchester

Dinner is served

Claus, Swedish John and Amanda who is ready to party!

The huge Uzes market

Olive stand at the Uzes market

Rotisserie chicken & meat stand at the Uzes market

See how they slowly cook the little potatoes in the bottom with...

Kris, Erin & Tyler at a seafood stand at the Uzes market

Erin at another seafood stand at the Uzes market

Tyler and toothless Jacob at a spices stand at the Uzes market

Ostrich eggs for sale at Uzes market

Kris & kids buying the special crayons made of honey wax at...

Jacob at his favourite cheese stand. More parmesan said Jacob.

Erin & Tyler trying the rock melon at Uzes market

The kids with a performer at Uzes market

The market went on down every little street from the main Piazza

Bag full and Kris has bought her new necklass, time to go...

Jacob lost his other top tooth

South American Indian performers at Uzes

Erin with her favourite bacon, egg & cheese crepe

Tyler with his honey crepe

Cool motorbike parked across the road from where we ate our crepes

This sidecar pulled into the garage for gas so Jacob jumped in...

Amanda put on a BBQ and party at her place to celebrate...

Mother & daughter are first up to dance

Everyone else joins in

The kids get into the dancing


Tyler dancing with the locals

Erin dancing with the locals

Jacob dancing with the locals

The boys playing in the kayaks during lunch

Relaxing after luch on the rocks in the middle of the river

Doorway to Absolutely Fabulous

The source of the water for the Pont du Gard at the...

Jacob is happy to be able to run around and kick his...

John and Julie took us to the park, here is Julie with...

Roman ruins from the source of the water for the Roman's


John & Julie


Erin giving Julie a piggyback

Kids playing in the river

Mark & the kids doing some rock climbing

Duck & ducklings

The source of Roman waters

An exclusive chateu tucked away in the forest

Kris, John and the kids

The family on top of Uzes

The castle in Uzes

A church's tower in Uzes

Mark back from buying more Rose from the local Cave

Mark & the boys back from wine shopping

Down past Amanda's (on the right) to our tiny little street where...

Our street

Erin walking down our street in St Maximin

We awoke the next morning to find this little visitor on our...

Setting up for a nice long French lunch at Amanda's the day...

The kids play on the laptop

Erin uses Painbrush to give Tyler a makeover

Time to pack up and head to Robert & Brigitte's.Our little Peugeot...

A family pic in St Maximin before we leave

Amanda's place

Party girl Amanda

Our family with Hester & Amanda

The local vines in this region are tiny

Erin wakes up on her 10th birthday

Local fields

Tyler in Sete

Fishing scene in Sete

Sete fishing boats

Local street vendors in Sete

Sete, by the sea where the restaurants are

Hester's courtyard

The ancient entry doors to Absolutely Fabulous

Our bedroom

Kids bedroom


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