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Got back late last night from Sharm el-Sheikh from where I dived the wreck of the British cargo ship the Thistlegorm , which was sank in 1942? by German bombers and filled with trucks, old BSA motorcycles, 2 trains and a plethora of other munitions bound for the British military in Africa. There was also a "crocodile fish" which was something new for me so besides a excellent wreck dive it was nice to see something new. After that we went to the marine park Ras Mohammed where there was the usual suspects of fish (including triggers) plus the largest collection old toilets, sinks and tubs that I have ever had the pleasure to come across in one spot. And since a lot of us are going thru stomach problems it got a chuckle out of a few of us.

Let's think about Sharm el-Sheikh, it is supposed to be the nicer beach side resorts or at least nicer then Dahab but from what I have seen besides costing more and being bigger it definitely lacks a certain amount of character. It seems a bit sterile and more western but that's about it. It lacks a real vibe outside of the "old Market" area which is A- not that "old" , B - doesn't really have it's on vibe anyway, and C- only has three types of stores, food, cloth's, or trinkets, of which there are about 40 or 50 shops vying for your attention. I think you get the picture. . .

But now it's back to Dahab and I find that all of a sudden it's Thursday morning and this will make my 4th full day here and I already feel like I have been here for longer then that. Even though I have been offered a job being a DM (Dive Master) I don't think I will take it and after seeing a few more things I will move on.

Side note, the day I left to spend the night on the boat, I watched the Korea vs Togo (never even heard of Togo) match and found myself with the most koreans that I have seen since korea. They were quite the lively bunch to say the least. Everybody said "welcome" in korean and I replied but then one of the girls from where I am staying said that I don't speak any korean and you could here everybody go, "Ohhh..." Gee thanks! So I was no longer Korean but just American again! ;) In the club, out of the club, in the club, out of the club.

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