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On the way down to Dahab, as you can see there is...



Just abit more then a buck a night

the main drag

This guys were actually pretty funny, part of the Korean population in...


Waking up on the boat before our dive on the Thistlegorm.

The boat "looked" nice but the boats in Koh Lak actually worked...

But man the water is BLUE

This a rock right in teh middle of Sharm el-Sheick, didn't get...

Coming back from Sharm, mach 5 going downhill waiting for a tire...


There is a whole lot of nothing in between the towns, it's...

Today USA lost to Czheck in the world cup and I am amused how much it bothered me. Actually when they played the national anthem myself and a few other Americans stood up for it. It's the most patriotic that I have found myself since the whole anti-American rant in Melbourne. The other amusing thing is that in the end there were 2 Americans from Queens, Matt from Colorado, a girl from Pittsburgh and Amir from DC. And without knowing it we all ended up sitting together. I am sure some could find some deep meaning in this but i think we all just wanted a good seat.

Now this has been my first full day here and as much as I like the people who work at Seven Heaven and the weird fact that I think most of the Japanese or Koreans in Dahab seem to be here I just keep thinking that Ahmed is going to screw me at one point or another even though he has said that I can have a job here as a Dive Master if I want it. Which is something else I have to think about. Egypt has a lot to see and I know that I can either end my trip here and fly home from Cairo or stay down here for a time and get back to Cairo to try to meet up with some friends in Venice for a few drinks. This is the most likely scenario as it gets me into europe with enough time to bump around for a few weeks and see some more friends before I head home.

Speaking of Egypt, on the ride down from Cairo I can honestly say that this was one of the few times where I felt saying that I was American could become hazardous to my health. Especially when I got on the bus and somebody comes up to me and writes down what country I'm from. The bus had at-least one armed plain clothes cop/military person on it and we must of gone thru at-least 6-8 military check points on the way down where they check everyones id and ask all the Egyptians or middle Eastern folks what their business was and where they were going and why. To be honest with you they all looked rather uncomfortable with the whole procedure.

So tomorrow I go for a night aboard a ship and start the following day with 2 dives on the wreck of the Thistelgorn sunk by the Germans and then a dive down in Ras Mohammed which is the national park down this way. Looking forward to doing something because as much as I have heard that dahab is a great place to get lost in I was never one to just be able to sit on a beach. Besides, I don't even have a book to read anymore!

Side note, one of the instructors here at Seven Heaven is korean and like most koreans can't believe that I can't speak any korean. She also said she was sorry that I was adopted and said it was so sad. My question is why? Life is tough all over, I have good family at home and I don't feel that I need anyones pity over the way my life has been.

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