Tripping 2005/06 travel blog

Our plane is the blue one

It's hard to take a good photo in this turbulance

Too many lines, which ones are done by Incas?

Oh, there is something

Is it the Parrott?

There are a few triangles

Close up

What happened to this one

It suppose to be 1km long

They built a road through it?

On the hill - astronaut

Our little plane

Close up


Just missed the dog

Some lines

Tail of the monkey

This one's busy

There is a spider in there, somewhere

Top left hand corner

Humming bird

A line maybe?

Humming bird again

And again

Not sure what this one is

More triangles

Lines of Nazca

Parrott - for sure this time

And again

The Tree and Hand

Spot the Hands

Just the desert

Little Birds

And again

The plains

More lines

The not so nice town of Nazca

Coming in to land

About to kiss the ground

19/6 Eventually made it to Nazca at 11am. Both of us were deaf after going over and through the valleys and all we wanted was to get into a plane and fly. We got the usual hustle and quickly find a taxi that took us to the airport. It was a short ride over. We've chosen a company called Condor and got a deal. For $50 dollars each we get the plane to ourselves. OK, that sounds good. 10 soles airport tax and we were allowed in the waiting area. To our surprise there was another girl that was joining us, so we got $10 back. Lenkie went into one, but soon chilled out. We popped in another motion sickness pill and up we went. It was a beautiful blue 4 seater plane that wasn't much bigger than a toy plane. We got seated, headphones on and off we went for 30min flight. Not sure how high or how fast we were going, but it was beautiful and not all that bumpy. We saw the Nazca lines, although they were a bit ruined - the water that run of the mountain and frequent car races across the desert left unwanted marks. They even built a road dangerously close to the Hand and Tree. We were flying wings perpendicular to the Earth, but we were so busy looking that we did not mind. Then it was all over. Taxi, quick lunch and a bus, where we slept again to Ica.

19.6 Konecne jsme dojeli do Nazca. Bylo okolo 11-te. Oba jsme byli hlusi, protoze autobus jel skrz udoli a pres vysoke hory. Jen co jsme vystoupili z autobusu tak se na nas vrhli a chteli nam prodat turu. Jedine co my jsme chteli delat je proletet se v letadle nad Nazka carami. Tak jsme naskocili do taxiku a rychle odjeli k letisti. Byla to kratka jizda. Vybrali jsme si spolednost - Kondor a zaplatili $50 dolaru a za to jsme meli slibene letadlo jen pro nas dva. Jinak by nas tam byli 3. Zaplatili jsme letistni tax a konecne jsme byli pripraveni na let. Jo jeste spolknout kinedril. Mnam. Kdyz jsme dosli k letadlu tak na nas cekalo prekvapeni. Jedna holka se k nam pridala a tak jsme dostali $10 na zpatky. Ja mela pekny vztek, ale za chvilku me to preslo. Letadelko bylo malinké, jen pro 4 a bylo jen o trochu vetsi nez modelove letadelko. Let byl nadherny, trochu to s nami skakalo, ale ne moc. Ani nam nevadilo, ze jsme leteli z kridli kolmo k zemi. Ty cary jsou znicene od vody ktera zteka z hor a od aut ktere tam pekne zavodeji. Oni dokonce postavili silnici blizko Stromu a Ruk. Jestli nebudou opatrni za chvilku jim tam nic nezbude. Pak uz to bylo vsechno za nama. Jeli jsme taxikem na nadrazi, dali si obed a pak jsme oba opet usnuli a spali celou cestu az do Ica.

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