Tripping 2005/06 travel blog


Inca sunrise

So this is where they made Inca Kola

Standing on the edge

Falling of the edge in style!

This is it, I'm going to kill him

Just a different angle



Where is the sun

Inca Lumpa stairway


Are you taking a photo of me again??

Inca city

Living quarters

Where did that come from

The Inca gods are angry

The sun god has won


Looks like arena

Little lama

Map of Machu Picchu area

Wait up I'm coming

Well, hurry up

At the start of 2hr hike

Not even 10 min out

Still looking eager

Getting higher

The clouds are coming in again

Is this one from the top of Waynapicchu?

Sacred Valley

Looks like a toy town

Model village

Close up

First of many

From a dirrerent spot at the very top

Steve and his green

Not smilling anymore? Thinking about the trip down?

Hold me Ste as my legs are too weak.

Do I have to go through there?

We have this photo already, haven't we?

Going back down


Steve with MP

Super imposed

Heading down

Or is it falling down?

They carried logs all the way to the top!!

Back down and the sun is out

What a setting

I am loving this

From the very top


How could they loose it till 1911?

City on a massive scale

Is this the spot they take the photos for postcards?

Close up

I have to sit down

Not for long though. Steve the slave driver

This must be the same shot as before

Or is it this one

Postcard perfect

Changing angle

Enough already

Running out of things to say


Inca bridge

One of the last photos, I think

Caretakers hut

The very last photo

Our backpackers train

Comon Stevie, you're the last one

16/6 Got up at 5.15 and had a breakfast in the room. Caught a bus at 5.45 and walked through he gates just before 6am. The sun was not out yet. We've gone the wrong way on purpose. This way we've stayed away from the crowds. We've took many photos from the bottom up, climbed all over the ruins and at 7am headed out to climb Waynapicchu. We got through at 7.15. It was hard going - steep Inca steps. Steve done the 'man' thing and took off. He decided that he will be the first on the top, but he forgot the fact that Lenka was carrying the bag. How convenient. Lenka tired out from the 2 previous climbs and weight down by the bag straggled up and quietly cursed Steve. Steve was up, making a record time of 35min. The climb up suppose to take 1hr. He nearly passed out in the process, but fulfills his goal and was up first. Lenka made it just under an hour even though she nearly gave up when she realized that she has to climb through a low and narrow cave. There were 2 of them. 20min rest, more photos and back down. Steve nearly killed himself twice going down. I think he just wanted Lenka to carry him down. At 10am the sun was out and warm and MP got a different glow. It was perfect. Went up to caretakers hut, more photos, Inca bridge, more photos, down passed the terracing and indeed more photos. Nearly 1pm and the hunger strikes. Our ticket said no food, no water no, no.. to be consumed on the premises. We must've been the only mugs who actually took that seriously and so had no food with us. Did not want to pay the astronomical prices so we decided to leave. We made our way to the village and went for a late lunch whilst watching Mexico v Angola. Later shower and bed.

16.6 Vstavali jsme v 5.15 a nasnidali se v pokoji. Autobús jel v 5.45 a my prosli branou tesne po 6te. Slunce bylo jeste schovane. Sli jsme v protismeru abychom se vyhli davum. Vyfotili jsme kazdy uhel nekolikrat, prolezli se po zriceninach a v 7 vyrazili k brane na Waynapicchu. Prosli jsme ji v 7.15. Byla to docela obtizna cesta. Prikre Inca schody. Steve byl spravny muzsky a nechal me na zacatku, protoze se rozhodl ze bude prvni na vrcholu. Jen nejak zapomnel ze ja nesla batoh. Ja byla pekne utahana ze vcera a predesleho lezeni a tak mi to slo pomalu. Mela jsem na Steva vztek a nejradi bych ho uskrtila. On to ale zvladl az na horu, i kdyz se skoro prizabyl, za 35min a melo to trvat okolo 1 hodiny. Ja se vlekla a skoro jsem to vzdala kdyz jsem objevila, ze musim prolezt dvema malinkymi jezkynkami. Na konec jsem se tam doplazila a trvalo mi to ne celou hodinu. Sedeli jsme tam asi 20 min, vyfotili co se dalo a vyrazili zpatky dolu. Steve uklouzl asi dvakrat, ale ja si myslim, ze chtel abych ho dolu nesla. V 10 rano, slunicko bylo vylezle a teple a MP vypadalo uplne jinak. Nadherne. My jsme vysplhali vice schodu k malinké chaticce, vse jsme vyfotili, k Inca mostu, vice fotek okolo terac opet vice fotek. Ve 13hodin jsme meli hlad, ale protoze vsichni rikali, ze se nesmi v MP pit a jist tak jsme s sebou nic neprinesli. My jsme museli byt jediny cvoci, kteri to brali vazne. Jeli jsme zpatky do vesnice, dali si obed a divali se na Mexico a Ghana. Pozdeji jsme se osprchovali a proflakali zbytek dne.

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