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Hey everybody, we're killing some time waiting for the train from Alicve Springs to Darwin. We are officially chasing the sun since it's usually about 13 degrees here. Though it is sunny (thanks, desert!) so you know, fair enough.

In the past few days we took a transfer (tourist coach for the pricve of a bus) to Uluru and Kata Tjuta, the main Aboriginal icons for Auatralia, really, rhough really the traditional owners are the Anangu people. Of course, we didn't climb Uluru, as requested by Anangu, but we did spend a full day hiking aound Kata Tjuta ( a site about 50 km from Uluru, meaning many heads, and comprising a pile of huge domes with an 8 km trail through it). We caught a few sunrises and sunsets after renting a car (driving around Uluru is exceptionally easy and FUN!).


* meeting 4 lovely ladies after Rob played the didge at sunset. He won their hearts and we spent the rest of the evening exchanging stories and sipping our ever-filling red wine! We also now have friends in Sydney, which is cool.

* Driving! we both had a great time and the highways between the sites are empty and easy. It felt good and sue to a computer error, we got a day's rental totally free!

* After we got back to Alice, we went to thte desert centre here and attended a talk about bush survival from a local aboriginal fellow, whio also told stories explaning the landscape. It was captivating and really cool to see and hear all the bush tucher (bush food) used as medicines traditionally here.

* We rode camels! It was really cool and fun, and the cameleer ended up taking rob and I to our first drive through liquor store to pick up some wine for our trian trip. We got a free camp chair, which we are hauling around and can't figure a use for yet...maybe busking later on???

* We got some art from some local aboriginals (after making sure at the cultural centre that is's a good thing) which was great. Rob haggled them to a fair price and you'll be sure to see it if you come visit our place in Waterloo! Which we don't have yet!

* Rob's didge count is now 3 and is sure to grow TO NO-ONE'S SURPRISE!! :)

* I found a bowl that I totally love in Alice, but it was too expensive. Then I saw it again cheaper at the tourist village at Uluru (the ONLY thing cheaper!) and since it had a tiny miniscule chip[ I got an additional 15% off. So am now saddled with a most inconveninent breakable piece of art! Perfect for backpacking (rolls eyes) but it's beautiful and if it survives, it'll be a perfect addition to our random place settings we have going on.

We'll pop through again from Darwin, when my fingers aren't frozen and we can tell a few more stories. It's been really good though. We love e-mails so don't be shy! How are all you guys???


marianne (and rob!)

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