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Nuts and bolts

A traditional boat


Can Tho architecture


Peeping at the market

This made Rosies day

Silly Nokia, what are they thinking?

These are some pictures from our two Day Mekong delta tour. The Mekong Delta as a rural area of Vietnam set on the islands that link the mekong river to the south China sea. The mekong delta is famous for it's floating markets, beautiful scenery and huge range of tropical fruits. On te first day we visited Cai Be floating market, where farmers trade fruits and vegetables on long thin boats, advertising whatever is for sale by putting it at the top of a stick, a primitive yet very effective form of advertising.

the people of the mekong delta are very poor, but seem to be quite happy, cheerfully waving at the sweaty clump of tourists chugging around and taking pictures of everything. We stayed overnight in a great little town called Can Tho, where we enjoyed the food and the local brew (a beer that tasted suspiciosly like tea) As you can see form the picture, bugs were a big problem, but luckily we had some extra strong bug killa that kept them at bay.

The second day we visited a fruit farm, growing pinepples, mangos, mangosteens, custard apples, and millions of other things, all set amongst bomb craters from the American war. We also saw how they made popped rice (the same as popped corn, but rice) how they make peanut candy and coconut candy.

So thats it for Richard, i'm sure rosie wants to add something, so i'll leave it for now, take care everyone,


Yes, hello everyone. Sorry it's been a while. Not much travelling to report on of late. But it's time to leave! Finally, we're back on the move!!! It's felt like we've been waiting forever but it's time to go in just a few days. We arrived scruffy and skint and we leave in an altogether different state. This city has been incredibly kind to us and we couldn't have hoped for more from our stay here. We've earned enough money to carry on with our travels comfortably and I've stuck at a job for more than four months without being late or turning up with a raging hangover(there have been a few minor ones, I admit) or taken sick days for minor ailments. All of which, in itself, is a huge cause for celebration for me. It's taken longer than many but I've had my edges smoothed down and been knocked on the head enough times to finally fit into the model employee shape hole. Now that maybe doesn't sound like the most appealing or admirable place to be! But all that raging was getting me precisely nowhere and i'm enjoying the new vantage point this change affords.

Anyway, as I was saying, we leave in a different manner to our arrival. We feel more ex-pat than traveller at the moment, for all the good and bad that entails, and it may take us a while to get back into the swing of life on the move. However, we've been taking lessons form the grand master himself, Jules Verne's Phileas Fogg and from his apprentice, Mr Michael Palin. I admire their optimism and cool in the face of difficulty but I think for Rich, as he is already in possession of these qualities, it's the more material aspects such as linen trousers and the comforts of first class travel that he aspires to! Alas, we don't possess the luxuries of their budget and we certainly have no passepartout, so we may have to fill in the gaps abit there, but that gives you an idea of the frame of mind in which we leave the city and embark on the next stage of the trip.

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