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Muhamed's cab from the airport

View from my one room


Went on the roof for a look see, anybody remember sneaking into...

Satelites everywhere. . .

My roof, which I thought was abandoned but. . .

All the roof's have people living on them and alot have goats...

So there I am at the bus station trying to find my...

buy what you want

this kids were funny, wanted their pic's taken

I think their pop didn't find them that funny but his food...

Got tea?

if you have every wondered where your remote went to. . ....

Cairo is a mondern city with big boulevards and crazy traffic, the...

my first sight of the nile

Some traffic goes a bit slower then others though


old man taking tickets, I was the only foreigner on the bus...

these are the other mini-bus/taxies

Random mosque

The pyramids are literally in Cairo.


Yup, it's a big one


Had to do a pose

one slab of black rock, not sure why and didn't feel like...

there are an amazingly quite of few of these open pit's thru...

Check out the 2 girls, all the girls do the same pose




Cairo then desert, desert then Cairo


Anybody want to take a guess as to what this means?


The new Egyptian lock






The Pharo's Doctors tomb, gave the gaurd a buck and he let...


his tomb





back to the big one

This was the orgional entrence to the big one. it's tight.

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the origional entrence, heading to the light.

So have been here for about 48hrs, my second full day and I have eaten twice at a korean joint, saw some pyramides, had a few random acts of kindness at the bus station (it helped a lot), been smoking shesha (flavored tobaco) with some locals and some college students from Michigan. There are two guys at my pension from Dallas, some guys from Cali and there's somebody else from the states there also. This has been the most Americans in ages.

Hhhmm. . . .let's see about the pyramides, I asked for a grounds ticket for 20 egyptian lbs, they forced me to buy a ticket for the Sphinx for 40, everybody here also wants money for every little thing including the gaurds and tourist police (but some reason it's not really bothering me, I just look at them and say no), not all of them but a lot. As for the toust trying to get you on a horse on a camel I like giving them the rope-a-dope, Telling them, "hey look over there!" then walking the other way. I guess I am getting used to people hasseling me cuz I don't find it bothering me as much any more but I still am finding it annoying that people tried to chat me up in Japanese right before they try to sell me something.

Back to the pyramides, they are cooler from the outside then the inside. As for the big guy, it's is big but inside is void of all details. Nothing, no heiroglpyhics, no writings besides saying that someone was there in 2003 and a big empty box. Also if you want to go down to a lower level the guy wants money after you come up. I told him he can get at the gate with the rest of my money. So far the most fun was walking around the grounds and trying not to fall into any of the open pits that litter the grounds.

So the sphinx is smaller then you think it is and the guy "the manager" took my ticket and walked off with it, I was the only person they did tha too he wouldn't tell me why and just told me to get it when I came out. He wasn't there, I left.

Saw the Pharo's doctors' tomb that was cool, so was the gaurd, I gave him 5egyptian punds, thats like $1, he appreciated it.

So all in all it's been good, big mdern city, something like 20mil live here, people are out all night, no real bars though. It's the religion. But lot's of energy. I also have been feeling this "energy" but mines because I know I am almost home.

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