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Heading out of port for our boat trip to the Blue Lagoon

We had time for a bit of sunbathe on the way

It took about an hour to get to there

The Blue Lagoon comes into view

We weren't the only ones there

Which wasn't a problem as it was big enough for all

Snorkel time !!

The beach at Freguesia de Santana, with the oldest building (church) on...

Not a bad place to stop on the way back, we think...

The weather was nice today, so a boat trip to snorkel in the Blue Lagoon was required. Lots of places have a Blue Lagoon and this one wasn't bad but the recent rain meant that visibility wasn't as good as it could have been. Still, we saw a varity of sealife including trumpetfish, wrasses, porcupinefish, seargant major fish, crabs, huge starfish and even what we thought were flying fish. Most importantly though (anyone who dosen't dive ignore this) Denis got a chance to dive down and try equalising as he bashed his nose tubing in Portillo on a ski slope. He was able to equalise so no long term problems there then.

On the way back we stopped at another beach for more swimming and then another one for a fish stew lunch.

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