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So I was summing up my Zanzibar experience before I was cut off by this wireless at the airport again, and deciding if I would ever go back there again. . .hhmm. . . NOPE. In retrospect I should of just stayed in Arusha but i was here and i had to go and check it out. Now I know.

Overall I have been finding that one of my biggest problems with this side of the world is that people have no clue as to what a que is for. it's a big world and people just have to learn to wait and stand in line like everyone else. I see this problem with Africans, Indians and middle eastern folk the most and yes Koreans can be bad at it also. When I think about it I have gotten into fights over less and seeing it happen around me so ofteen is starting to work my last nerve.

But it's 7:30 in the morning and I am back at the airport and have about 7 hours until my flight to cairo and I think I am a bit cranky, actally I know I am. As I am across from the Irish pub again I sense a $10 pint in my future as well as a nap and some food at some point. Maybe not in that order but whatever.

adding this in cairo, but the guy who checked me in at Dar for my emirates flight told me that I 6 kilo's over and that would of cost me about $70, he let me pass with that. Random acts of kindness, that though was followed up by some twat telling me busting my balls over my two pieces of carry on luggage. The same two pieces that I have been traveling with for the last 10 months. Tryiing to tell me that I can only take one, I told her I can take two for international flights, she told me things changed. Then she says go and have a nice day. Random act's of $#@^%

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