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So this was my first view of Zanzibar and Stone town is...

My joint, colorful and the staff was alright, lot's of mosquitoes though....

The road sign. . .

The shiesty looking street, my place is on the right. Actually it...

Yes my lovely joint, like the colors?

When I have the room I like to SPREAD out!

Just thought this was a cool random capture. Great to have the...


Q, everybody has Vespas

Most of the best architecture were hotels




Everybody is selling art here, everybody. 10 bucks and up








mosque, they have a crescent instead of a cross, simple enough just...




Another hotel shot


This is part of the "Garden" Evrybody swims in the harbour at...



moonson restaurant






So the Africa house is where you go to watch the sun...

Last shot, on the way to the airport.

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So back in Stone Town and the Voga Hotel and I find myself waiting for the Indian joint around the corner to open so I can get some variety in my diet because the last few days up in Nungwi at the "Paradise Beach Bungalows" just wasn't happening for any sort of culinary delights. Actually everything has been passing on thru if you know what I mean.

But while I was up there I ran into this girl Jenny, a nice Swedish Geologist whose working on her Phd, who remembered me from the "Gardens" in Stone town and it was nice to hang out with somebody since almost everybody up there were either couples or traveling in small groups (there was a overland group that have been traveling together from the north of Africa for almost 7 months and they have only lost 4 people, down to 23 or so, that's pretty impressive without killing each other). As for the "gardens", they are actually a nasty little park that if you saw it you would think it's full of drunks and addicts. . . actually. . . Anyway at night thats where you can go for cheap food and eat for half the cost of a restaurant. But back to Nungwi, would I suggest it, sure if your in the area (actually that's the same for Zanzibar in general) would I make it a destination that's a tough one. It's about 60/40 on the NO side. I think during high season it would be more fun and the tout's, flycatchers, ticks would have so many people to harass that they wouldn't have the time to focus on individuals as much. But then all the prices would be higher so you would be paying more for the same crappy service so maybe we're at a 65/35 on the NO side.

Ok with that said yes I have met some nice people who didn't want anything but that was always a passing moment. It's kinda reminiscent of Cambodia that most people will be happy to do something but then they want something for it.

I am definitely looking forward to getting out of dodge per say and off to Egypt or anywhere else to be honest with you. Hell, I even thought of heading back to Arusha just to hangout with those guys up at the Masai camp some more granted Arusha is definitely a bit of a wild west town and you can't walk around at night and any shop of value has a guard with a rifle or a AK but still.

Ok, going to eat. Yum, hopefully this meal will stick around longer. Oh yea, side note tonight theres a band at the Mercury Bar Restaurant, It's named after Freddy Mercury the singer. It appears he was born across the street, who knew.

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