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Ride that cuddly coati cowboy !!

View of the falls on the Argentinean side

Here's a boat like we took yesterday for a good soaking

You do get to see some different falls which you can't see...

The coatis look cuddly in real life, but you are warned that...

You also get more of a sense from this side about how...

The viewpoints build up, now with a great view of the Devil's...

We also got to see what we did yesterday in the boat...

Can you spot the boat ?

We could see exactly why we got so soaked

We sat at the front of the boat aswell

The front of the boat goes right under the waterfall

The grand finale view of the Garganta del Diablo

Complete with some more rainbow action

It was quite wet here so close to other cascades feeding into...

Sarah in the Devil's Throat

Then up to the last and highest viewing platform

The Brazilian side has the town of Foz do Iguacu, which is not as leafy and is more built up than the Argentinean side. One of the reasons we chose to stay on the Argentinean side. As we are getting to end of the trip we were feeling lazy, so we got a taxi to take us across the border, wait at the waterfalls for us and then bring us back. Otherwise it would have meant a change of buses and it can take buses a long time to cross the border.

There is less to see on the Brazilian side. A couple of good panoramas and you can get a lower down view of the Devil's Throat. Double-decker buses take you from the visitor centre to the start of a 2 km trail to the viewpoints. It was not a full day experience like the Argentinean side but was lovely to see the waterfalls again and from a different perspective.

On the way back into Argentina we were amazed and hugely irritated by a huge sign as you enter Argentina proclaiming "Las Malvinas son Argentinos" or "The Falklands are Argentina's" with an outline of the islands below it. Now safely out of Argentina, we can write about this. They complain that The Falklands need to be given back to them. Well, they never had them. We first colonized the Falklands in 1770, 50 years before Argentina even came into being. So they were never there's to be taken away, they have never colonized them and they have never put any investment into them. Worse still we got told that Maradona's "Hand of God" incident in 1986 was just retribution for them losing the Falklands War. How you can equate war and the losing of lives to a football match just shows you how stupid some people in the world are.

Rant over, we get a bus (overnight, 24 hours) to Rio tomorrow.

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