Ben and Kirsteen's World Trip 2005/6 travel blog

On the boat to the island

James and his windsurfer

Enjoying a beer at Sunset Point

Our final Fijian sunset (we'll miss these!)

K: This place was beautiful as well. Ben had it in his head that we would stay at a particular place but we never booked it so when we turned up at the quay the people told us about their accomodation. I said we would take a look at there leaflet but we ended up staying there because I expected Ben to say more definately if he wanted to go somewhere else and he thought he had already made that clear! Oh well.

Still, the place we stayed was very nice although it would be more suitable for the active holiday maker because they do kite surfing and wind surfing and everyone bar us was there for that. We stayed in a 4 bed dorm in an attempt to recover our budget for Fiji which Bounty Island had taken a big chunk of. It was alright being in a dorm, the first night it was just us anyway. Well us and the mossies, I have never been so badly bitten by the little buggers - its pretty yucky when you squish them and you get a blood spot!

Everyday the kite and wind surfers would come back and ask us what we had been up to - the answer was always not much just relaxing (and trying to get the perfect sunset photo)!

B: The local bus to the island had taken 4 hours over bumpy and mostly unsealed road. Nevertheless, it still felt good to be travelling with real Fijians and seeing the real side of Fiji. The guard informed us that we were at our stop so we disembarked. We were slightly confused that we could not see the sea as we were told that this is where you catch the boat to the island. We were contemplating walking down the road which branched off laden with our big backpacks when a taxi driver cam along and picked us up. He drove us the 1.5 kilometres to the wharf.

On the first night there we met a very strange guy orinally from Scotland and now living in Oz. He was new-age and had a combination of odd, opinionated morals and deficient social skills which meant he was not good company in a group. The next day he was asked to leave as he had offended some other guests.

K and I made the most of our time by doing absolutely nothing. I think we managed a swim but that's about it. On the last night we walked around to Sunset Point, where my folks had taken me as a child, and watched the sun go down (again).

We caught the local bus back to Nadi where we stayed for our last night. Again, the was another fabulous sunset. We'll miss these when we leave. We ate dinner while the light faded and after a couple of Fiji bitters we retired to bed for the final time, happy and relaxed.

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