Ben and Kirsteen's World Trip 2005/6 travel blog

K enjoying the rainforest

A typical Fijian welcome

A firewalking priest

A Fiji street scene with locals selling bitter oranges

K enjoying the slow, bumpy but colourful local bus service

B in his Fijian shirt at the bus station

B at his childhood home

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B: We caught a minibus round the island to Suva. This took us 3 hours and on the way we passed many of the resorts in which I had stayed as a child. Where possible, I took photos for my parents who haven't been back to Fiji since 1994.

On arrival we found the Holiday Inn to be full so we caught a taxi to the Peninsula hotel up the hill. This turned out to be less luxurious than its namesake in Hong Kong but at least the room was quiet and air-conditioned so we slept well. That night we walked into town in search of some Indian food (Indians comprise the majority of the population which causes friction with the native Fijian). Suva town was not particularly appealing although it does have some nice colonial buildings. I remember very little of the town from my youth but judging by the state of some parts, that was no loss.

The next day we checked ourselves into the Raintree Lodge, 15 minutes north of town in the Colo-I-Suva national park. This area is rainforest and it delivered as promised by chucking it down. The hostel was fabulous and the food divine and we lived there cheaply and happily for a few days.

We caught the local bus out to Pacific Harbour where we watched a cultural show including firewalkers from Beqa island just of the coast. It was done in a very entertaining way and we both enjoyed it very much. We explored the good gift shops and bought some souvenirs to be posted home.

The following day, we went exploring Suva using a list of sights my Dad had put together which we used to go to when we lived here. This included our old house where I spent the years 4-6 of my childhood. The taxi took us to the address my Dad had given me but when I got there it looked different until I realised that it was one number out and the house I was looking for was next door. Even after 23 years, I could recognise it although it seems much smaller - something to do with the fact that I was much bigger.

K: We went for a walk in the Colo-I-Suva national park which was lovely. Ben went swimming in one of the waterfall pools but I declined at that time because we were warned that the area has thieves and we shouldn't take money or valubles with us. We had my freebie camera with us but I was uninclined to leave our stuff unintended just in case...

After about another hour's walk we had only come across another 3 people in total and I decided I would regret it if I did not take the opportunity to go swimming in a beautiful waterfall pool in the middle of the forest just because I'm a chicken. Ben even persuaded me that a bathing suite was surplus to requirements and it was brilliant fun skinny-dipping.

Suva its self was ok, its just a town but going to the island of Fiji and the snorkling was amazing and lived up to expectations and can see that Ben and his family would have had an amazing few years there. Apart from the stunning scenery and snorkling I also loved going to cinema in Fiji - its so cheap! Unfortunately we could only manage the once, we went to see the Da Vinci Code which was watchable but not brilliant. It was strange watching it because when the big revelations where made the Fijian audience kept laughing at them which i didn't really get but I think because they are more religuous than myself that the idea of Jesus being a dad is ridiculous to them.

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