Southern Africa 2006 travel blog

Had trouble getting my act together for departure, then the restaurant was reaaly slow with my eggs. I was trying to eat it quickly so I'd be on time, but ended up burning the roof of my mouth, and they sat liek lead in my stomach. Ah well.

We had a long day's drive (I slept most of the way) and we made it to George, which is along the Southern coast, to the East of Cape Town. Got to use the Internet and had a great spaghetti dinner at the hostel. Some of the other travelers staying there suggested taking the train to Knysna and meeting the truck there. Unfortunately the train didn't run on Thursdays in winter, so we'll be on the truck the whole way.

Tomorrow we will get to Tsitsikamma, which is the first national park we'll be seeing, and we can't wait!!


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