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The first morning, look see the moon?

There's the destination, we go to it and then around to the...

The crews quarters and the kitchen

My fearless guide, Ramsom loved his bag


everybody's getting up, one by one.

I'm looking chipper now, but 3 days later, not so chipper.

So we went thru I believe 4 different "zones" this is the...



Not the only ones on the trail

Would you want to carry this? Or could you?


Above the clouds already

One of our countless rest stops, slowly slowly









Thanks for the Ipod guys!


how's that for a night sky?

So woke up at 6AM to 7 degree weather. On a side note, last night the moon had been so bright that it lit my tent up. There were moments when I thought it was morning.

Got my stuff sorted and when I poked my head out I was treated to a view of Kili and you know what my first thought was? Wether or not I could ride my snow board down it. A few minuets later Babu came over with a tray holding tea and other assorted stuff, I told him to take it back to the staff tent and I'll join him in theirs. Last night Ramsom told me that most people don't hang out with them They just eat and go back to their tents. Personally half the adventure is who you're on the journey with.

So with the start of the day the different groups started up to get going and to my amusement 3 out of the 5 groups were from the states. We've got Dave and Daniel from North Carolina, a couple from SF and a group from Australia and NZ. As it was we would all bump into each other on and off through out the day. I realize that it inevitable to run into people when you are doing this but for some reason I always pictured it as a solo thing (even though with my guide Ramsom, the cook Maulid, our four porters I was hardly that "solo"). The guys from the Carolina's had a crew of fourteen crew them but their set up was pretty posh, seperate dining tent, personal shiter, all that good stuff. . .

Today we were out of the rainforest and things were still green but a bit more sparse and smaller, that and it started to getting cold. So we rolled up to the next camp, CAmp Shire, and it was really there that you start to realize just how busy this joint can be during the high season. And to think I was feeling crowded with the 4 or 5 groups that started at the same time yesterday! This place could easily hold 100's of people.

With that said it's still pretty cool and I'm glad I'm doing this, but I have also been having headaches and it's only been the second day. .

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