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Sea Urchin in a kaliedoscope of color

Symbiotic relationship; The tennacles of the anemone will sting other fish but...

These clown fish hangin' in this sea anemone are just so fun...

School of fish at the The Temple of the Sea, of course...

This was a relatively small clam but just filled with color; if...

OK, so I can't get enough, the Perhentians had the wildest colors...

Bamboo Shark @Temple near Perehtians

This shack alseemed to ready to head downhill, I slept there for...

Can you tell which way this squid is swimming? Its heading to...

lunchtime view

Sea Eagle, with clipped wings

It rained almost every day, but it was always fun watching the...

Not quite sure what this is, but it certainly caught me eye

Very big porcupine fish

Fish everywhere!

Equally large spotted puffer fish

This was the foulest smelling market I have ever been in, uugh!

These ladies didn't seem to mind

Well Perhentian Island was quite the resort; of course I stayed at a place called the Rock Garden on Long Beach, aka,Backpacker beach. My place didn't even have a fan but I only paid 15 ringgit, that's about $3.5 or two beers. Definitely the cheapest place on the island, but wait till u see the pic of the shack...I was happy we didn't get a big wind storm!

Speaking of which, it rained pretty much every day and the visibility was the worse I've ever experienced. REALLY bad, like less than 5 meters one day. I waited on the island for 8 days hoping for better vis but it never came, so now I'm heading south to climb a few mountains a do some much needed trecking.

Two days later:

I'm now in the Kota Bharu "The city of Islam" the cultural capital for most Muslims in Malaysia. So needles to say their is not a lot to do; I did visit 3 different museums (Royal, Islamic,& WWII) in various stages of disrepair. A bit dissapointing, but like i said, mostly everybody is really nice.

It's like a furnace here, with daily temp's well over 90 and 80% humidity just to help out. (At least they don't having rolling power blockouts like Cambodia) I've overslept catching the 'jungle train' to the rainforest two days in row now, (must be the heat) and am now hiding out in an air condidtioned internet cafe. At 2 ringgit/hour or about 50cents, I can hang here until the sun sets.

I did visit the local market, but in part due to the heat,it was the smelliest one I've EVER been to...really and remember I'm a nurse so usually I can stomach anything!

So here's a true story about what happened one morning on the Perhentian island.

Joe, a young Malay, (aka Muslim, but he didn't think so) was woken up at 0800 one day by the police and was told to pee in a cup. The police then used a dip stick and found that he was positvie to THC. Ok, so the guy works at a dive shop, and smokes a little big deal right, I'm mean who cares, he's 20 something kid, and quite frankly who didn't when they 20 or so. Well, Joe was sent to the local hospital where they took a blood sample to confirm the dip stick, was given a ticket and now has an appointment with a judge in two months. Appearantly he must have upset somebody and they tipped the police...its very corupt here also. Now remember is he was of Chinese or Indian but still a Malaysian (not Malay) he wouldn't have to worry about it. Go figure...



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