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Salto - My secret rendezvous with Carlos Gardel at Uruguay's oldest hotel

Salto - Fountain in Plaza de Armas

Salto - Spending a relaxing afternoon at hotsprings park (water temp 40C)

Salto - Water massages at water park

Mercedes - Entrance to La Gaviota estancia

Mercedes - The rustic farmhouse!

Mercedes - Estancia family room

Mercedes - Estancia dining room

Mercedes - Estancia scenes, 1

Mercedes - Estancia scenes, 2

Mercedes - Estancia scenes, 3 (soya crop)

Mercedes - Estancia scenes, 4 (I could be back home in Canada!)

Fray Bentos - Industrial Revolution Museum (former meat processing plant)

Fray Bentos - Disinfectant showers for cows (then "Dead Cow Walking" up...

Fray Bentos - Old port on Rio Negro used by meat processing...

Fray Bentos - 2-headed calf, inside museum

Colonia - One of the entrances to the city during Portuguese dominance

Colonia - Cathedral

Colonia - Cathedral with vintage car in front

Colonia - Tons of vintage cars around town

Colonia - One of the oldest houses

Colonia - Historic old town scene

Colonia - Cobbled streets and vintage cars

Colonia - This car has a plant growing in it!

Colonia - Inside this car is a dining table for 2

Colonia - Lighthouse constructed on ruins of San Francisco convent

Colonia - See all the people? Oh yeah, that's right, THERE AREN'T...

Colonia - View of the harbour

Colonia - Views around historic center, 1

Colonia - Views around historic center, 2

Colonia - Views around historic center, 3

Colonia - Views around historic center, 4

Colonia - Views around historic center, 5

Real de San Carlos - Old bullring (in suburb to north of...

Real de San Carlos - Old Pier on Rio de La Plata

Real de San Carlos - Coast scenery

Real de San Carlos - Connie with Colonia old town in background

Photos only ... see "Coasts and Cattle Country" (story #173)

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